Shelly Bromfield Makes Accessorizing a Religion

Shelly Bromfield x StyleLikeU

A wonderful discussion on accessories; I wish I could do what she does.

Snapshot: Because Two Male Model Posts Are Better Than One...

Eryck Laframboise - Brown - Black - 6'2 - Dulcedo
full name, hair, eyes, height, agency

Models.com Model of the Week Eryck Laframboise was scouted while leaving school, and immediately booked. With amazing bone structure, killer abs, and a hypnotic gaze, I forsee a future Calvin Klein model... look out David Agbodji Yes please.

More shots after the jump...

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Snapshot: Good Times Keep Rolling... (NSFW)

Masha Rudenko and Nadiya Chenko x QVEST #41
[shot by Jason Lee Parry; styled by Leila Baboi and Danielle Defoe]

This editorial's styling does a good job at mixing in upcoming trends along with those we see leaving out as fall comes into focus. I'm not really all that impressed with it; I was more so drawn to the attitude of the spread, and the occult influence. I'm also really drawn to the color pallette; it's very reminiscent of the direction which I'm going myself for the fall, so there's a lot of inspiration in this.

Complete editorial after the jump...

music: Good Time - Crystal Castles

[pics via Fashion Gone Rogue]

Snapshot: Brb... Picking My Jaw Up Off the Floor[ian]

Florian Bourdila - Brown - Hazel - 6'1 -
full name, hair, eyes, height, agency

Beautiful face, beautiful bod, beautiful bone structure—yet oh so commercial.

More shots after the jump...

[photos via


Video: Show My Ass - Dominique Young Unique

Show My Ass - Dominique Young Unique

I don't even know how to describe this chick... her influences are just so all over the place... there's the bratty rapper vibe a la Kid Sister/Lil Mama, then there's the slight punk sound, and my favorite part, her dubstep beats. I'm still really blown away by the fact that she's only 18; not because she's just SO good, but because I'm older than her and am not really doing a ton with my life creatively, lol. Self-deprecation aside, I'm seeing her this Tuesday Night (8/31) and I'm crazy excited. It will also mark my first assignment at my new internship—so, can I get a woot woot?

Her Myspace | Download Her Mixtape | Tickets to Tuesday's Show

[sidenote: speaking of dubstep... I saw Crystal Castles, Rusko, Destructo, and Sinden this past Sunday in Baltimore and it was insane—hardcore dubsteppers are crazy, lol]

Snapshot: You Betta Sit Down and Look Around...

Beyonce Giselle Knowles
music: Why Don't You Love Me (Lost Daze Vocal Mix) - Beyonce

Snapshot: Too Cool To Care

Jo Calderone // Stefani Germanotta
Vogue Hommes Japan (vol5)

The covers have been released for Lady Gaga Jo Calderone's Vogue Hommes Japan covers, shot by Nick Knight and styled by Nicola Formichetti... click here if you missed our previous discussion of this gender masterpiece.

Additional cover shot after the jump...


Video: I Know - Jay-Z (feat. Pharrell)

I Know - Jay-Z (feat. Pharrell)

This video is nothing new; it's actually a few years old now. Appearing on Jay-Z's American Gangster album, this song got a lot of play, but the video wasn't as popular; a shame considering my lady-crush Zoe Kravitz is the star. This remains in constant rotation on my iPod, and always get's me energized when I hear it; it's like my theme song. The song's meaning seems pretty out in the open; addiction is the topic of discussion, quitting is the problem, or is it? Feel free to disagree, or to educate me, but the literal translation I got. The more, think-on-it-for-a-bit-and-let-it-marinate is about trying to quit [blank] despite having been so dependent, comfortable, and secure with [blank]'s existence in your life. Is it odd that I find this song slightly empowering, despite its pessemistic tone. Back to the video, be sure to check out the visuals; director Philip Andelman's on screen metaphors for getting high are so beautiful. I told you before, I could talk forever about this song, and video, but I'll just let you watch, enjoy, and fall in love as I did, lol... so, press play.

[sidenote: As to clear up any confusion, Zoe plays four different
characters in the video, each experiencing their own type of 'high']

The Secret Powers of Time

The Secret Powers of Time

Because my mind is still blown from this, I'm just going to copy/paste the video's description: Professor Philip Zimbardo conveys how our individual perspectives of time affect our work, health and well-being. Time influences who we are as a person, how we view relationships and how we act in the world.

I'm going to actively work towards being less present oriented—and hedonistic at that—and move towards being more future oriented with alturistic motivations.

Video: Love Never Dies - Caspa & Mr Hudson

Love Never Dies - Caspa & Mr Hudson

I have no idea who this guy[s] is, but I am really digging this song; maybe it's the slight house under-tone. I am so f-cking excited for Fall, and this video is a perfect visual manifestation of my feelings right now going into this new school year/season; so absorb it, lol.

Sweet little nectorine, sit down next to me.
Take a load off Annie; I think your beautiful...
DO ah diddy diddy dum diddy do.


eta: so Caspa is a dub-step DJ, and Mr Hudson, I'm gonna assume, is too... or at least he's the one that is singing

Your Daily Dose of Germanotta...

A special message from the recently crowned, official Queen of Twitter... that's right b-tches,
@LadyGaga is the most followed individual on the social networking site.

Snapshot: Sir, I mean... Ma'am, Yes Ma'am (NSFW)

Natasha Poly x Vogue Paris (Sep10)
[shot by Terry Richardson; styled by Emmanuelle Alt]

Let me just say... Terry Richardson is such a sleeze, but I love him... this editorial for French Vogue imagines Natasha Poly as a tough commander (with her trainee, Jamie Dornan); God, I love a woman in power. While the styling is all much of the same, the story being told is really the highlight here—Naty's character doesn't sacrifice control for seduction, which is what I love the most.

Complete editorial after the jump...

music: Get Back - Britney Spears

[pics via Fashion Gone Rogue]

Snapshot: This Girl 'I Know'...

The girl in the photo above is one of the coolest people I never got the opportunity to really get to know. Her name is Hammah (according to her Facebook) but I have called her Hannah since the first day we met, lol. She's one of those people who's aura you can automatically feel, and her beautiful spirit radiates with positive energy. These may seem like over-the-top compliments, but it's true. I've wanted to post this photo for a while, but I couldn't think of an appropriate song, until now, lol. This is my anthem, it's my favorite song, and I could talk about it forever, but that's reserved for its own post. So, in short, Hannah, I miss you babe, and I am genuinely bummed we didn't really get to kick it before I left, but October is just around the corner, and I hope we get to dance together in the streets of San Francisco for LoveFest!

eta: I need to get back in school, because reading over this,
it sounds like
another middle school book report format post... eek

music: I Know - Jay-Z (feat. Pharell)

[photo via Evan Johnson //

Coco + James (2010)

Coco + James (2010)
[dir. Gilbert Le]

While all the national spotlight was on Chelsea Clinton's wedding; the fashion world was turned to another... Mademoiselle Madame Mikhaila 'Coco' Rocha. The model, as you can see in the trailer, looked stunning in Zac Posen; she and her husband, interior designerer James Conran looked like such a happy couple. Personally, I'm pretty anti-marriage, but I can't deny that this video got me all excited. Not sure if this is to be a legitimate piece of work, but whatever it is, it has me wishing all wedding videos were this epic.

eta: kudos to villain_garcon for this one: i didn't like that song they used so i played this with it instead—I love that it actually makes the video even better [music: Let's Get Married - Jagged Edge]

[sidenote: this is my 250th post... how awesome is that?]


One Love Challenge: Week 9

The Challenge: Be a good samaritan, whatever that means for you; the love you give will most certainly return to you.

I appolgize for the lack of an update last week; I was under the weather... still kinda am, but it's getting better—slowly, lol.

School is just around the corner (Aug30) and I am beyond excited... it's going to be a new beginning for me; a new school, new school year, new people... new new new... anyways, I'm so ready to tackle my new environment; I hold my head high with confidence, and without a lot of the emotional BS that has plagued me up to this point. Can't say I'm mister nothing-anyone-says-bothers-me-I-am-so-confident-just-try-to-test-me, but I can say that I am a lot more sure of myself than when I was at the start of this summer... I've caught sight again of the thing that helped me to love myself and enjoy BEING myself throughout last school year.

With all of that said, having a heightened sense of self, and a positive one at that, as enabled me to start to open my eyes to the struggles and insecurities of others. Someone told me once (about insecurities) that while we are stressing over what others are thinking of us, they too are wondering the same for themselves. I've now taken to giving people compliments, a smile, a kind word, a token of appreciation, etc in lieu of giving myself negative criticism, doubting myself, and closing myself off to others. As I let the focus fall off of me, and onto other people, I'm noticing more and more the impact it has—not to mention, I've been accumulating karma points, lol. So this week, the challenge is to be a good samaritan, whatever that means for you; the love you give will most certainly return to you... it has for me, I'm loving myself more and more everyday, and finding joy in the life I lead.

"The happiness you feel is in direct proportion to the love you give." ~Oprah Winfrey

Don't forget to share your testimonials in the comment section.

Snapshot: The Rosewood Movement

music: Power (Remix) — Kanye West (feat. Jay-Z & Swizz Beatz)

[sidenote: if you're not already following him, then #GetFamiliar #FollowFriday]

Snapshot: Bafana Bafana

Milan x Marie Claire South Africa (Sep10)
[shot by Steven Tanchel]

I'm going to be totally honest, I'm not all that impressed with this, but Milan's a newcomer so it doesn't really bother me. I pulled this because a) a beautiful dark skinned model is hard to come by, esp in a solo editorial, and b) because she totally reminids me of Karlie Kloss early in her career, just not asian white, lol. The editorial features looks from some of South Africa's most notable designers.

Complete editorial after the jump...

[pics via
Fashion Gone Rogue]

Snapshot: Pardon Her Beauty (NSFW)

Kristen McMenamy
[shot by Philip Riches]

These were taken immediately before and after the Vicktor & Rolf f/w10 show

More shots after the jump...

[photos via Fashion Gone Rogue]

Hipsters (2010)

Hipsters (2010)
[dir. Jacqueline]

Not much info is given about this film, or its director... what I do know is that it was created for NYU's TSOA Summer High School Filmmakers Workshop... so the best assumption would be that some high-schooler made it for their summer program. Whatever the origins, it's kinda comical to watch people bash on hipsters, yet, on the surface they themselves appear hipster. I'm going to attempt to read between the lines here, and say the director may have been aiming to point out how there is no such thing as a hipster, it's only a commercialized image of the 18-27 set, and that actually, this is just the style for young people, not some movemenst acken to the hippie or punk movement. If anything, young feminists and eco-heads are the new hippies, and that the audiophonic similarities between hippie and hipster are the only reason for such a misappropriation of social movement status. Or maybe this is all what I gathered from the film, and the director was simply making a film about Those F-cking Hipsters, lol.

[sidenote: as for myself, like the one chick in the video said, I don't think I'm really all that cool enough to be a hipster, but ionno, people may look at me and say that... but I've never gotten it, lol]


Words (2010)

Words (2010)
[dir. Everynone]

Take four minutes out of your day to experience this exploration into the relationship of words and sounds. If you like what you see, head on over to Everynone's website (linkage above) for other short films with a similar format, yet very different subject matter. Thanks Nylon for the head's word up.

Snapshot: The Male Version of Cindy Crawford Perhaps?

Freddie Ryder - Brown - Green - 6'3 - Stolen Agency
full name, hair, eyes, height, agency

Beyond the mole,
can't you see the resemblence?

For those who enjoy my posts of new faces, I appologize for
the disproportionate coverage with gender; I'll try harder, lol

More shots after the jump...

[pics via MDC]

Snapshot: Two Years Ago Today...

The Fame

Two years ago today, The Fame was released in Canada, and the world was introduced to Lady Gaga. I'm not ashamed to admit that I was not a fan in the beginning; it took a bit of 'Bad Romance' to get me on board... now I'm a faitful little mons†er.

A list of achievements and milestones of The Fame (and The Fame Monster):

13 million copies sold worldwide
Number one in more than ten countries
Top 10 in more than thirty countries
Over 45 weeks in the top 10 of the Billboard 200
Over 75 weeks at number one on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic albums
Six weeks at number one on the UK albums chart
Double platinum in France, Japan and New Zealand
Triple platinum in the United States, Australia and Canada
Four times platinum in the UK, Russia and Germany
Nine times platinum and best selling album of 2009 in Ireland
Best-selling digital album of all time in the United States
Most digital track downloads of all time in the United States
First album to spawn two 5 million-selling singles in the United States
Seven consecutive top 10 singles in the United States
Six consecutive number one singles on pop radio in the United States
Six number ones on Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs
Seven top 10 hits in the UK, Australia and Canada
Best selling female digital single of all time in the United States (“Just Dance”)
Second best selling female digital single in the United States (“Poker Face”)
Best selling digital single of all time in the UK (“Poker Face”)
First debut album since 2000 to collect four number ones in the UK
Two Grammy Awards, six nominations
Eight Billboard Year End Chart Awards
Three Teen Choice Awards
Five World Music Awards
Three BRIT Awards

Happy Anniversary Mo†her Mons†er ... you are indeed a Free B-tch Baby!!!

[sidenote: 90 years—and a day—ago, the 19th Amendment was ratified, prohibiting the
states & federal government to denying citizens the right to vote based on their sex]

Snapshot: The Most Important Month of the Year

Ranya Mordanova x Elle Russia (Sep10)

Gird Your Loins, the September issues are upon us!!!
I've chosen my favorites from around the Globe.

I'm disappointed in the lack of ethnic diversity,
but then again, that's fashion for you.

Check them out after the jump...

[sidenote: honrable mention to Julia Roberts' Elle
cover; the subscribers' cover that is—both of them]

On The Town with New York's Most Stylish

I'm slowly but surely getting super excited for Vogue's September issue... first it was the Halle Berry cover (kinda meh, but it's not bad), then it was the Lara Stone editorial shot by Mert & Marcus (very reminiscent of her and Edita's Sep09 W Magazine editorial, also shot by M&M), and now this. In celebration of the second annual Fashion's Night Out event, Grace Coddington styled a gaggle of models and celebrities (athletes, actors/actresses, artists) for this celebration of fashion and celebrity. Steven Meisel shot the ed which was spread out over four days on the roof of 30 Rockefeller Center.

The cast is as follows... get ready, it's a doozy—models: Guinevere van Seenus, Carolyn Murphy, Liya Kebede, Kristen McMenamy, Stella Tennant, Kirsi Pyrhonen, Karlie Kloss, Joan Smalls, Mirte Maas, Daria Strokus, Jourdan Dunn, Miranda Kerr, Lara Stone, Valerija Kelava, Eliza Cummings; celebs: Robert Fairchild, Kathryn Morgan, Pharrell Williams, Christina Ricci, Yi Jianlian, Usher, Rachel Weisz, Terence Koh, Carolina Herrera, Ryan McNamara, Elly Jackson, Dakota Fanning, Hayden Christensen, Eddie Redmayne, David Chang, Tony Vincent, the Olsen twins, Henrik Lundquvist, and Naomi Watts.

eta: Something that didn't strike me at first, but is worth mentioning, the number of great models in this are so under used; it could have become a larger production; either way, I'm still satisfied and excited for the results... I just hope this fits in my mail slot when it arrives.

[sidenote: no surprise, but this year's September issue is the size of a phonebook; unfortunately, 80% of that is ad content (532pages)—that's a 25% increase from last year's, in case you were wondering]

Snapshot: Just For Sh-ts & Giggles

Wait for it...

[via BYT

'Eye Candy' that Doesn't Require a NSFW Tag

Eye Candy
[dir. Süperfad]

Sony recently hired Süperfad to create a video for its global “make.believe” campaign, the results can only be described as a visual orgasmic experience—I'm serious, your eyes will be begging for more. Using only a Phantom HD cinema camera shooting at 1,000 frames per second,
Süperfad mixes together live action and CGI effects to create an art masterpiece. Eye Candy is such a fitting name for exactly what this is, so press play and soak it up.

[sidenote: if you still want more, check out
this making-of featurette]


OMD!!! Parlez-Vous Gossip???

September 13 is so close, but still feels so far away.

[sidenote: Gossip Girl: The Complete Third Season is now available]

Snapshot: T x Alexander Wang f/w10 (cont.)

Not going to go into too much here, mainly because it would sound incredibly redundant, lol...
so, in short, here are the finalized images for A.Wang's f/w10 campaign for T... Enjoy!

Complete campaign after the jump...

[sidenote: I really really really want that hooded poncho (Zoe wears
it in the third shot); unfortunately it's currently unavailble online]

The Outsiders

The Outsiders
Sharif Hamza]

From the September issue of Dazed & Confused (yah, the one with
Dakota Fanning on the cover) is attempting to take the fashion editorial, and make it be more than just about the clothes and the the models. The Outsiders, directed by Sharif Hamza and styled by Dazed's Senior Menswear Editor, Robbie Spencer, is a mix of teen agnst, rebel mentality, and of course, fashion. The film features f/w10 collections by McQ, Benetton, Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana, Woo Young Mi, J Lindeberg, and Levis.

[sidenote: the Sep10 issue of Dazed & Confused is on newstands now, and for free for Apple's iPad]


Burberry, Boots, and Bolivia

Max Hurd x Style Like U

Next model Max Hurd may be familiar to you through his s/s 2010 Burberry campaign with Emma Watson and her boyfriend George Craig. In his Style Like U profile, the model discusses his rejection of bright colors and labels, his embrace for boots, and his six-week South American tour.

[sidenote: speaking of Emma Watson, I'm still awed by
her awesome haircut]


A Lesson for Us All...

Learning to be Alone... this video is for anyone who ever felt as if lonliness was a negative; because realistically, there is no reason to feel such a way. I've been learning to be lonely, but in a way, not completely; I still have friends and family that are more than willing to fill my empty spaces. This video gives me strength, hopefully the same for you. Thanks Feministing.

Snapshot: Ragazza Ribelle // Rebel Girl

Liya Kebede x Vogue Italia (Aug10)
[shot by Tom Munro; styled by Ludivine Poiblanc]

I'm not really wanting to hype this editorial, I'm more so posting this to highlight the fact that Liya reminds me so much of
Omahyra Mota, a face we haven't seen around in some time. Liya's a model that has been around the block a few times, and has paid her dues—she's a legit talent—I just don't have the same reaction to her form of tough androgyny. Omahrya, who you may remember most from the video for Jay-Z's Change Clothes, had an agressivness about her that I can't quite describe—Grace Jones and Gia Carangi had it—which is absent from this editorial. Liya comes off as pretending to be tough, her body looks good, but she comes off looking drag-in-prep...

Complete editorial after the jump...

[pics via Fashion Gone Rogue]

Snapshot: Male Model Monday

Taejahn Taylor - ReQuest NY
full name, agency

Unfortunately, this is all the info I could muster on mister Tyson Beckford Taylor. COACD didn't/doesn't give many more details than this, and ReQuest's homepage is currently underconstruction... excuses, excuses—so it was inevitable that this would become/seem like just a random eye-candy post #noshame

More shots after the jump...

[sidenote: ReQuest does however maintain a blog, which can be found here]


Snapshot: 11.11pm

music: Hot n Fun — N.E.R.D (feat. Nelly Furtado)

[pic via
Le Smoking]

Don't Forget Staten Island... It's Full of Tradition

Emilio Sparks x Nike 1Love
Staten Island

The fifth, and final, installment in Nike's 1Love project features Staten Island's own Emilio Sparks. Sparks is the host of the longest running show on WSIA in New York, The Emilio Sparks Experience, and known to some by his nickname, the “Charlie Rose of Hip Hop”.

[sidenote: in case you missed them... Brooklyn, Harlem, Queens, and the Bronx]

So Alexander Wang, Zoe Kravitz, & Abbey Lee Walk Into a Bar...

Zoe Kravitz & Max Motta for T x Alexander Wang f/w10

A fine follow up to A.Wang's s/s10 campaign featuring Hannah Holman. I've expressed my love for Zoe Kravitz in the past, so it goes without saying, despite my saying it now, that I am quite happy to see her in this; and it doesn't hurt that Max Motta's all sexy in the background, lol

But wait, it doesn't stop there... part two of T's fall campaign is a commercial featuring—get ready for it—Abbey Lee Kershaw, directed by Craig McDean, styled by Karl Templer, music from the XX

Peep it after the jump...

[pic via The Cut]

Snapshot: Ladies and Gents... Halle's Back!

Halle Berry x Vogue (Sep10)
[shot by Mario Testino]

Editorial teaser after the jump...

[sidenote: Halle is the first black woman since Naomi Campbell in '89 to
cover a September issue of VogueDonyale Luna was the first in history
when she covered the Mar'66 issue of British Vogue... /historylesson]

Snapshot: On This Day...

click the image

Postmarked 1865...

Now this is a quite interesting piece of web fotter; apparently in the New York Tribune's Aug. 22, 1865 issue, they published a letter of a former slave to his former slave master. Jordan Anderson's letter was in response to a letter he'd recently received from P.H. Anderson encouraging him and his family to return back and work the plantation. Now pause a moment and imagine if you were in Jordan's place, and was recently freed... if you don't find something royally effed up about that, well, I have my own opinions :side-eye: instead of sounding off in an angry letter—as many do now, only in emails—Jourdan takes the sartorial approach; the results are so Post-Civil War Mean Girls, lol[/supercrazylongrunons]

Thanks Brightest Young Things for bringing this to my attention.

Check it out after the jump...

eta: Speaking of Mean Girls; a sequel is in the works... item a... item b #SMH

[sidenote: psst... I have a job interview for BYT tmrw morning; so excited!]


Snapshot: No Words... Just Sheer Beauty

Yaya DaCosta x W Magazine (Sep10)
[shot by Inez & Vinoodh]

I'm speechless.

click here to get familiar with Yaya DaCosta, beyond ANTM knowledge]

Snapshot: DF 4 DC 9/10

Dakota Fanning x Dazed & Confused (Sep10)
[shot by Mark Segal]

Complete editorial after the jump...

[pics via TFS]

Video: XXXO - M.I.A.


Umm, this is visually impressive, but unsober... considering I'm currently in a stable mental condition, this video gets a giant WTF? Perhaps it's M.I.A.'s whole fascination with the internet and technology (as evidenced through all the artwork of /\/\/\Y/\ and the visuals in this video) but this looks like some fanmade video that you would find during the early 2000s on Myspace... NAGL

Don't Stop Till You Get Enough...

The Boys of London
[dir. Justin Wu]

This serves no purpose, just something for us all to oggle
and drool over in the comforts of our own homes
or, in my case, cubicle... Enjoy, lol

[sidenote: btw, if you liked this, check out the vids for Paris and Milan]

Snapshot: My Latest Obsession...

I'm taking the plunge and getting the iPad... my Macbook's been broken for about four months now, and rather than fool myself into thinking I can save money for a new one, I'm going for the cheaper option. A lot of criticism has been made on the little device that could, and I seek to push those doubts from my mind and have faith in Apple... self-diagnosed Mac-Head [points-to-self]. This will give my macbook problem a bit more time to resolve itself, and it will give me the satisfaction of simply having an iPad—I'm not ashamed to admit the cool-factor of the device is propelling me forward, lol. Anyway, more will be said once I get my device later on today, and after I've played around with it... so I forewarn you now, if you're definitively anti-iPad/Apple, you may wanna just get cozy with my archives until next week.

music: Google Government — M.I.A.

[sidenote: about the macbook, I'm getting a VGA cable for it; don't be confused, the iPad is not an appropriate alternative to an actual computer... more so an unnecessary luxury]

Snapshot: MKO Is Cooler Than You

Mary-Kate Olsen

music: You've Got The Love (Florence & The Machine cover) — the xx

[pic via
Olsens Anonymous]


I'm Here (2010)

I'm Here (2010)
[dir. Spike Jonze]

Okay, I'm a sucker for pretty much anything indie and cutesy, but believe me when I say that even if you're a bit more discerning with your tastes, you will definitely enjoy this short film. Where the Wild Things Are was cute, but annoying, and unwatchable after that initial voyage, but I'm Here retains the same whimsy of the aforementioned, while blending in an ironically humanizing plot—ironic because the focus is on robot love. Click the link above to watch the short film, it's for sure one of those 'grab-a-bowl-of-popcorn-and-prepare-to-be-inundated-with-rosy-colored-images-and-a-crave-worthy-soundtrack' moments... Enjoy!

Check out deets on the soundtrack after the jump...

[sidenote: if the above trailer doesn't show up, either A) Forget about it and go straight to the film, or B) Continue after the cut, it'll be there waiting for you... the choice is yours Neo, lol]

Snapshot: Acne f/w10

Suede needle heel ankle bootie, $830
Available Here

That heel is INSANE... no wonder it's called Daring

Snapshot: MJ x CK 4 HB 9/10

Marc Jacobs in Harper's Bazaar (Sep10)
[shot by Nan Goldin]

Because I'm highlighting the article, I'm not going to preface it too much. Though there isn't much that hasn't already been said about Marc Jacobs, it's still a cool read. My favorite piece, Jacobs discusses his ambivalence to what happens to his garments once they reach our closets:
I’m not interested in making stuff for museums; I want the clothes to be worn. I don’t care if the girl sits on a curb in them after a party and they’re destroyed. I have to believe that there’s going to be a life for these things. Otherwise, I wouldn’t send them down the catwalk.
Click here for the rest of the article...

[sidenote: the title, in case ur lost, is Marc Jacobs by Calvin Klein for Harper's Bazaar Sep10, lol]

From Queens to the Bronx... Nike 1Love Keeps Moving Forward

Format NY x Nike 1Love

First stop, Queens... with Nigel Sylvester along with friends Nigel Sparkes and Jason “Cheech” Hall. Sylvester owns the Queens based lifestyle and BMX shop Format NY; Nike 1Love gets together with the entrepeneur to explore his hood.

Not to be undone is the Bronx; rapper Cory Gunz gives viewers a tour of what he calls the birthplace of Hip Hop. It's refreshing seeing people who are fulfilling their dreams, discuss their grind and their influences... it give me hope and motivation for the future.

Cory Gunz x Nike 1 Love

[sidenote: in case you missed it, check out the Nike 1Love spots on Brooklyn and Harlem]

What Would You Do?

When given the option to intervene during a potential domestic violence situation, would you? That's the question being posed to UK citizens by the Metropolitan Police Department in their new viral video awareness campaign. Though this is just a video, not reality, it certainly does begin to feel like it after a few moments. I suggest watching the commercial once from start to finish without intervening, and then the stepping in the second go around; the impact is felt much more.

click here for more info on the campaign]

Snapshot: A Nossa Seleçao // Our Squad

Olga Sherer x Vogue Portugal (Sep10)
[shot by Bojana Tatarska; styled by Paulo Macedo]

I am drawn to this for the shapes Olga Sherer makes with her body, and the simple, yet striking, sillouhettes created by the garments. You will see what I mean after the cut, but WOW, this is so haunting. Maybe it's just the mood I've been in lately: drawn to the grotesque, the morbid, the darkness... whatever it is, I love how despite the Wednesday Adaams vibe of the makeup and model, the clothes still give off a sophisticated femininity. The woman sporting these looks is one who may come off intimidating at first, but has a hidden sensual side that's begging to be given the green light.

Complete editorial after the jump...

[pics via

Snapshot: Variations on Chic

Abbey Lee Kershaw x Vogue Italia (Aug10)
[shot by Mario Sorrenti; styled by Jane How]

Complete editorial after the jump...

[pics via

Snapshot: Mi Amica Lindsay...

Lindsay Lohan x Vogue Italia (Aug10)
[shot by Ellen Von Unwerth]

Inchino davanti a sua bellezza.

Complete editorial after the jump...

[pics via TFS]


Snapshot: Certified O.G.

Barack Obama

[photo via @

Civilization (2008)

Civilization (2008)
[dir. Marco Brambilla]

Since the
release of Kanye's video for Power, it's been the subject of conversation in many circles. The artistry is beautiful; drawing you in only to leave you wanting more after the 90 second cut. The man resposible for that visual masterpiece, Marco Brambilla, provided a making-of featurette for the Power video, while also including clips of another, more intricate, piece of his—Civilization.

[sidenote: Civilization can be found played on repeat in the elevators of the
now closed 'Boom Boom Room' at the Standard Hotel in NYC]

Snapshot: Grand Stam!!!

Jessica Stam
[shot by Guy Aroch]

music: Luxurious — Gwen Stefani

[pic via Noir Facade]

Here I Stand...

This past June, valedictorian Erica Goldson gave an empassioned speech on the United States education system. For those who have graduated in the past decade or so, the words she preaches embody the sentiments of every one of us: school shouldn't be about memorization of useless information, it should be about learning and expanding our minds. The speech is a bit lengthy, but as a friend of mine said: 'this is something incredibly thought provoking, it's a little long, but definitely worth reading [or watching] if you have the time.'

Check out the transcript after the jump...

[sidenote: if the above video doesn't appear, it will show up after the cut... trust me, lol]


One Love Callenge: Week 8

The Challenge: Live Your Life. 

When I started this blog, I intended it to be just a dumping grounds for whatever I felt sparked my interest... the only personal elements would be through commentary; I prefer to keep life business offline. These One Love Challenges, as I've stated before, reflect my own personal growth; they are the only glimpse into my personal life I'm willing to give, at least intentionally. I'm saying all this too say, I'm going to go against my self-disclosure rule, despite my better judgement, and fill you in on what's been going on.

I thought, or maybe still think, that I am in some sort of deep emotional place of being for one of my bestfriends. We've all been at a place like this at one time or another, or maybe not, whatever; the point is, feelings are something that can't be forced, they must be organic. You can imagine how I felt when these feelings weren't reciprocated; what you wouldn't be able to have predicted is my subsequent month or so of not wanting to believe it. So here we are, I look, and feel, like an idiot; it's been about a week since we last spoke. Before you go off thinking this is something dramatic, it's not; I just needed time, and space, which he was more than willing to provide... told you he was my bestfriend. Now onto the challenge... or rather, lesson that is the intended goal, lol.

The time I spent going over and over in my head, why he didn't feel the same, why I am feeling this way about him, what this or that look, statement, moment could have meant, were all moments I could have been living my life. Be it apart from, or with said person, I could have been enjoying myself a lot more than I already was. I'm not going to say life is too short, because life could very well be long too; time is relative. What I will say is, in life, we aren't guarenteed anything; our goals, dreams, loves, successes, friendships, family moments... none of it. Things like having a relationship (mind you I'm speaking for myself, so my examples will reflect such) don't need to take priority in our lives; there is time for that. Moments like spending time with family and friends, stepping confidently in the directions of our dreams, and focusing on what makes YOU happy, are what should be made priorities. Life will only wait for us for so long, if we don't take advantage of the opportunities life awards us with, then time will come in take those opportunities away. So Live Your Life, and don't sweat the small stuff... besides, things like love, come to those who wait... GOOD love that is, lol...

"One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure its worth watching." ~Unknown

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Snapshot: Water & Oil

Kristen McMenamy x Vogue Italia (Aug10)
[shot by Steven Meisel; styled by Karl Templer]

I've been reluctant to post this editorial until now; it's something about this that I just don't feel right about. The images are disturbing, yet inspired; haunting, yet profound. Stating the obvious, this references the recent BP Oil Spill incident; what isn't made quite as obvious is the editorial's intentions. Steven Meisel is an incredibly talented photographer who's images often illicit emotion, and sometimes seek to promote a particular opinion/agenda. This however, could be seen as a very powerful message, or as a ploy to sell magazines; now do you see my inner conflict? There's nothing fashionable about this; you can barely see the clothing. Kristen McMenamy conjures up images of oil-drenched pelicans and dying seals, not the etheral goddess she usually portrays. One thing can be said for sure, this is one of those editorials that sticks in your mind for days, and I will definitely be picking this up when it hits newstands stateside.

Complete editorial + behind-the-scenes featurette after the jump...

[pics via TFS]

Snapshot: The Mane Attraction

Emma Watson

The transformation which prompted a trending topic... as with Kanye; haters to the LEFT.

[sidenote: check out Emma Watson in the music video for 'Say You Don't Want It'
from the UK band One Night Only... psst, she's dating the lead singer]

High Score: 45000 — RHS

Scott Pilgrim vs The World
Interactive Trailer

Click on the rewards, get points and at the end of the trailer, reap the rewards... this is pretty legit!

[sidenote: please excuse the annoying video-game music; if I could un-autoplay it, I would]

Video: Power - Kanye West

Power — Kanye West

Haters to the LEFT

[sidenote: click here for the Making of 'Power' featurette]


Harlem is the Center of the World...

Ms Banks x Nike 1Love

Nike Sportswear's 1Love web-documentary series returns, this time featuring Harlem-raised rapper and XL Recordings artist Ms. Banks. I love the free-style clips, espcially the one guy's line at the beginning "I'm fresh just like my Nikes/Is that your girlfriend?/I think she like me," lol

[sidenote: in case you missed it;
Brooklyn gets covered with a little help from Theophilus London]

Christina Aguilera... Acting?

Burlesque (2010)
[starring: Christina Aguilera, Cher, Stanley Tucci, Kristen Bell, Cam Gigandet]

I don't know, I'm kind of excited to see this... despite my adverse feelings towards madame Aguilera.

Let's Get Naughty... EY!nspiration!!! (NSFW)

Check out this Gratuitous Eye-Candy interview with Andrew Frew for EY! (Electric Youth) Magazine... you may want to grab a bottle of water, and a towel, lol

[sidenote: I love how at :50 he name-drops the Holy Trinity as his musical interests]

More Essence Magazine Controversy...

Michaela Angela Davis during a recent Anderson Cooper 360 interview

Former Essence fashion editor Michaela Angela Davis has fueled much of the criticism over the magazine's recent decision to hire a white woman as it's new lead fashion director. Davis' position was made clear online:
If there were balance in the industry; if we didn’t have a history of being ignored and disrespected; if more mainstream fashion media included people of color before the ONE magazine dedicated to black women ‘diversified’, it would feel different.
Above, she defends her statements in an interview with that Anderson Cooper—GOD he's Gorgeous—as well as present a new way of looking at the issue. Personally, I'm still conflicted over how to feel, but as of late, I'm feeling as if this is an argument that is losing legitimacy.[sidenote: check out what the folks over at Sociological Images have to say about this issue]

Video: Cold War - Janelle Monae

Cold War - Janelle Monae

Janelle Moane's incredibly talented, and I love this video; it's so honest... and it gets really raw, and personal... you'll see what I mean 2/3 the way through. I would love to meet her in person, or better yet, get to kick it with her; I'm sure she has really good energy surrounding her. Well, I hope you all enjoy the video for her track 'Cold War' as much as I do... now press play.

[sidenote: Janelle Moane is going on tour with Of Montreal... click here for dates/venues]

Snapshot: Zoe Saldana x Calvin Klein

Zoe Saldana
Behind-the-scenes of her Calvin Klein Underwear shoot for Envy.

Check out the complete ad campaign for Envy after jump...

[pics via

Broadening the Conversation...

Asexuality: The Making of a Movement

Asexuality... often gets left out of the discussion about human sexuality; but it does exist, and is real. What this group, the Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN), is doing is awesome. Kinda silly of us to just assume everyone has sexual urges, like that's just what's supposed to happen... not everyone loves to drink, or to smoke; why does everyone need to love to f-ck? Anyway, the above video is an excerpt for a documentary which follows people in the asexual community and explore asexuality itself, including the reactions it elicits in people and in the media. They’re raising money on kickstarter for the editing phase now (Feministing).

From Civilization to Power...

From Civilization to Power: The Making of Kanye West's 'Power'
[dir. Marco Brambilla]

Kanye is crazy for this one; I'm so much more excited now for the music video.

Snapshot: Child of the Sun

A photo of my cousin Rachel...

music: Way Down In The Hole — M.I.A. (feat. Blaqstarr)


Snapshot: Alleyways & Kick Drums

music: You Ain't Got It (Fun That) —Nina Sky

[photo via
Terry Richardson's Diary]

Rolling With Best Coast & Freddie Gibbs

Recently at the Pitchfork Music Festival, Yours Truly hung backstage with Midwestern rapper Freddie Gibbs and Bethany Consentino of Best Coast as they meet for what can only be described as a celebration of the Ganj... or Marijuana for those with a bone to pick... My favorite part: when they start signing Whitney Houston's 'The Greatest Love of All'... Enjoy the toke!