Art: French Twists x Igor & André

Taken from Igor + André blogger Danny Roberts' Character Sketchbook, an image from Vogue US' May 2004 issue. If you aren't already familiar, he's an artist who's caught the eye of many within the fashion community for his work capturing editorials and model polaroids. This painting is from the editorial "French Twists" photographed by Annie Leibovitz. He does a cool job of capturing the beauty of models Gemma Ward, Lily Cole, Gisele Bundchen, Daria Werbowy, and Karen Elson (+ their male & canine co-stars). Be sure to check out more of his work on his blog, links are over there on the right. For those interested in checking out the rest of this editorial, here's the linkage.

Fashion: Downtown // Centre-Ville

In Vogue Paris' June/July 11 issue, one of my former favorite faces, Sasha Pivovarova is featured in a solo spread. Shot by all-star duo Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, the ever existent trend of androgyny is at work. The styling is pretty sloppy, but not in the sense of being a mess, but rather in it's grunginess — this is how I'd like to dress. I'm bored with Sasha, but she's not my focus, it's the clothing; styled by Joe McKenna. This all just really makes me want to run off and become a vagabond, or un enfant avec chien. Isabelli Fontana (my love) covers the mag, shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. [link]

[Images via Fashion Gone Rogue]

Music: "Decorate" - Yuna

1. Gadis Semasa
2. These Streets
3. Penakut
4. Fireworks
5. Rocket
6. Random Awesome
7. Permission
8. Cinta Sempurna
9. Decorate
10. Super Something
11. Dan Sebenarnya (Hidden Track)

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I saw this fancy little lady from Malaysia when she opened for Raphael Saadiq not too long ago. She sounds a lot like Sara Bareilles, with a bit of Feist, and a tad bit of Anna Nalick — but don't get me wrong, she's a talent all unto herself. She sings primarily in english, with songs about love, loss, and the joy of life; but her most beautiful songs are sung in her native tongue. This is her EP, her name is Yuna Zarai, and you should most definitely download it... or rather, "Get Familiar!"


Fashion: 消極的愛人

Snejana Onopka x Vogue Nippon Jul 11

Ukrainian beauty Snejana Onopka stars in 'The Reluctant Mistress' for Japanese Vogue's July issue. Just look at the intensity in those eyes, the bone structure in her face, and the shapes/silhouettes she's making – female's on point. Shot by Glen Luchford, with styling by Anastasia Barbieri, this editorial shows a particular power, but remains super sexy. I just feel there's so much right here, from styling, to lighting, to it's subject. The one image which just kinda makes me raise an eyebrow has Snejana pulling down her pantyhose a bit. Abbey-Lee Kershaw covers the mag out soon in Japan, and in another month or so here in the States — sadly, she looks like a skeleton.

[Images via TFS]


Video: Harry Potter in One Word

The stars of the Harry Potter franchise sum up their experiences spanning seven films and ten years in just one word. Empire magazine really pulls at the heart strings with this one — I've grown up with these characters, first with the books (though I stopped at book five), then the films. It's interesting to see how profound even the simplest of choice words could be — for instance, Matthew Lewis' "Alright" and "Magical" from Emma Watson. The end of the franchise is bittersweet, and this video only adds to the feeling. It all ends July 15 (tear).

BYT: Raphael Saadiq

Last Summer, my friend Esther and I hopped a bus to NYC to check out a free Raphael Saadiq concert in Central Park. Almost a year later, he stops into DC to play the 9:30 club and we both make our way to see him yet again; this time, with her twin sister Ruth in tow. Opening for him were Yuna (a singer/songwriter from Malaysia) and Quadron (an Emo-Soul duo from Denmark). I've since downloaded material from both openers, as they were just that good — but this is about Raphael. Here's my review of the sold out show this past Wednesday; as always comments are both welcomed and encouraged — just click the pic for the article.

[Photo via Francis Chung/DCist]

Models: New Faces, Alexandra M. (ELITE)

Alexandra Madar, Red, Blue, 5'10, ELITE
full name, hair, eyes, height, agency

[photos via MDC]


Video: Eat Your Heart Out Megan Fox

dir: Richard Phillips + Taylor Steele

Artist Richard Phillips directs this portrait of who the NYT calls "pop culture’s current tragic heroine"; but who I consider an icon of our generation. Lindsay Lohan is a magnificent talent, who was simply a victim of the Fame Mons†er. Transformed will be featured in Commercial Break, a collection of art films for the 54th Venice Biennale. The 90-second short film acts as a sort of advertisement for, or rather of, Lindsay. Imagine this, LiLo's 'commercial' playing on a giant video billboard navigating the heart of Venice.
Filmed in Malibu last month, it draws influences
from two 1960s movie classics, Jean-Luc Godard’s “Contempt” and Ingmar Bergman’s “Persona,” starring Brigitte Bardot and Liv Ullmann, respectively [...] The links Phillips makes between her and the roles that Bardot and Ullmann play in the films may be subtle, but they are distinct (NYT).
I'm happy for my girl, because it seemed like she wasn't doing anything significant besides that rumored Sex Book with Terry Richardson and James Franco. Okay, to be fair, she has two films in the works; Gotti: Three Generations and Mob Street. She looks great in this, and might I add healthy — let's hope this is evidence for the industry that Linds is ready to get back to work. But really, eat your heart out Jennifer Check Megan Fox; LL shitted on you in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, and she's burning you again here.

Video: V-LOG no.2

My second video blog (VLOG) — a recap of my recent trip to NYC. I'm really loving making these, if only they didn't take FOREVER to edit. Check me out above, and don't forget to subscribe to QFascinatingTV! Sorry it's so long, but it's worth it, I promise.

Music: "1+1" - Beyoncé

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This song has quickly become, hands-down, my favorite Beyoncé song — it's such a stunning ballad, declaration of love, open letter to her husband Jay-Z. Nothing she has released up to this point has captured the full emotion I'm sure she feels for that man, until this. 1+1 relies on nothing but her voice, a steady bass guitar line, a little organ, and a tap upon the cymbals. It's simple; her vocals draw you in like an inhale, and then it exhales you with all the desire and passion she feels in her soul. A discussion with a friend pointed out that this is sure to become the wedding song of our generation — I don't doubt this in the least. I'm anxious for a good love like this, I'm not pressed for it though, I'm too young to feel such emotion for another individual... but when I do, I hope it's just as strong as what Bey and Jay have. Below is her performing the track for the first time on the American Idol finale — as if the song didn't already do it for me, the performance also brings tears to my eyes.


Video: It's OK to be Takei

George Takei vs. Tennessee's "Don't Say Gay" Bill (SB049)

Recently in the news, Tennessee legistlators have been attempting to ban the word 'gay' and any references to homosexuality from it's educational institutions. The notion is that by not discussing it, the "issue" will become null — sort of how abstinence only supporters believe that will keep kids from having sex. Star Trek alumnus and activist George Takei has lent his name as a tongue-in-cheek way to speak out against this ignorant bill, and support our brother & sisters in Tennessee.

Any time you need to say the word "gay,"
you can simply say "Takei."

You can go a step further with the support by checking out the merchandise associated with this cause over at ItsOkToBeTakei.com

Art: Savage Beauty

I was fortunate enough to experience this profound moment for both the fashion and art worlds — Alexander McQueen's Savage Beauty at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Photography of any kind was strictly prohibited, but I never cared much for rules. I filmed the exhibit in it's entirety (I really hope I don't get sued), and upon editing footage, I plan to share it with you all here. So think of this as a head's up — the exhibit runs through the end of July, so there's still time to make your way up to NYC. Lee Alexander McQueen was a masterful craftsman and artist; this exhibit will blow your mind — it blew mine at least.

[Image via Ritournelle]


BYT: Amor de Días

I'm not going into too much prefacing here; I'm on a beyond cramped bus from NYC to DC after all. I checked out Amor de Días at Red Palace, as well as openers Damon and Naomi. This is my review, comments are welcomed/encouraged, click the pic for the article. Unfortunately, our photog had an accident with his camera post-show, so there are no visual aides. Either way, the music was great, my review is up, so go check it out.


Video: Recognize These Moves Anywhere?

This is just gratuitous Beyoncé posting; but if you can look past that and bear with me, we'll have fun. There was only a matter of time before the members of Mozambican Kwaito dance group Tofo Tofo began getting increased shine. These men were responsible for the majority of the choreography in Queen Bey's new video for "Run The World (Girls)." It doesn't take long to recognize where their moves have influenced the moves within the video — it's pretty mirror imaged. This whole thing just reminds me of Beyoncé's Bob Fosse inspired "Single Ladies" video. Her inspirations are all over the map — yes, I say inspirations, not copies... she's always upfront with her product. Watch a side-by-side comparison here — be forewarned, it gets pretty ridiculous.

Fashion: Bowties in Silk. Wool. Lace?

A while back I stumbled upon a post from a blog that I now follow, 00 o 00 blog — it was about bowties. I'm admittedly not a bowtie enthusiast, nor do I ever wear them, but this post caught my interest nonetheless. Unless incredibly thick in the head, you have probably already realized that it was about the above image. London's tie-making company Marwood prides themselves in "an exquisitely crafted range of ties and bow ties made with the finest fabrics such as woven silk, wool and traditional English Leavers lace." Prices range between £75-90 (so about $122-146) — a steep price to pay for a tie, yes. However, when you consider the craftsmanship and care taken into its construction; it seems a bit more negotiable. I have no such money at the moment, but these just make me want to transform into a Dandy for just a day. Below is a silly, but super creative, video lookbook from fw11.

[Photos via Marwood]

Fashion: Louis Vuitton fw12 (Preview)

Daphne Groeneveld, Anaïs Pouliot,
Gertrud Hegelund, Zuzana Gregorova, Nyasha Matonhodze

“Who wouldn’t want to be this gorgeous young woman in the back seat of this beautiful car?” asks Marc Jacobs, Vuitton’s artistic director, highlighting the tongue-in-cheek take on the French brand’s familiar travel theme. (WWD)

The full campaign will also feature Fei Fei Sun — glad to know there will be some more color present. The campaign which was shot by Steven Meisel was styled (impeccably might I add) by Karl Templer, makeup by Pat McGrath (the queen of beauty), and hair by Guido Palau — look for the campaign images to run this August.

[Photos via TFS]

**This post was edited from May 19, 2011**


Video: Lady Gaga On SNL... awwkwarrrd

Justin Timberlake will be hosting tomorrow night's Saturday Night Live with musical guest Lady Gaga. Okay... I love you Mother Mons†er, but this was just too painful to watch. I'm glad you're not appearing on the show as a host; let's just stick to the music babe, that's where you truly shine. I'm excited to see your performance, it's sure to be amazing — or perhaps your moment to unveil yourself as the Anti-Christ. I hope it's the latter, I'd love to spend the rest of eternity dancing in the dark with you.

Fashion: Harper's Bazaar UK May 2011

As the fashion world honours Alexander McQueen with a retrospective at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, Kate Moss stars in Bazaar’s special double cover May issue. She wears both the ruffled organza dress in which she appeared as a hologram in the A/W 2006 Widows of Culloden show and then in an exquisite white gown from Sarah Burton’s first collection. (Harper's Bazaar UK)

Kate Moss, the eternal beauty, covers the May issue of Harper's Bazaar UK — there's not much to mention that the above blurb hasn't already said. I will say however that I'm extremely excited to check out the "Savage Beauty" exhibit at the Met (I leave Sunday, with a return on Wednesday). Kate looks gorgeous, but that's to be expected. My one qualm is that the newsstand cover looks like something W magazine would produce; I much prefer the subscribers cover (which you can see below).

[Images via TFS]


Fashion: So What Was Beyoncé Wearing?

>> Press Play <<

So by now, we've all seen Beyoncé's explosive new video for "Run The World (Girls)"; if not, click here. As her song proclaims, "...this is for all of my girls up in the club rockin' the latest," she does just that. Now let's take note of her video's fashion breakdown — she definitely took a "fashion shower."

dress & boots: Alexander McQueen

shorts: Norma Kamali
heels: Alexander Wang

dress: Givenchy HC

dress: Jean Paul Gaultier

jewelry: Larucci

dress & shoes: Gareth Pugh

jumpsuit: Norma Kamali

dress: Emilio Pucci
boots: Sergio Rossi

dress: Emilio Pucci

All I can say is... WERQ.