Music: "1+1" - Beyoncé

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This song has quickly become, hands-down, my favorite Beyoncé song — it's such a stunning ballad, declaration of love, open letter to her husband Jay-Z. Nothing she has released up to this point has captured the full emotion I'm sure she feels for that man, until this. 1+1 relies on nothing but her voice, a steady bass guitar line, a little organ, and a tap upon the cymbals. It's simple; her vocals draw you in like an inhale, and then it exhales you with all the desire and passion she feels in her soul. A discussion with a friend pointed out that this is sure to become the wedding song of our generation — I don't doubt this in the least. I'm anxious for a good love like this, I'm not pressed for it though, I'm too young to feel such emotion for another individual... but when I do, I hope it's just as strong as what Bey and Jay have. Below is her performing the track for the first time on the American Idol finale — as if the song didn't already do it for me, the performance also brings tears to my eyes.

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