Music: "Decorate" - Yuna

1. Gadis Semasa
2. These Streets
3. Penakut
4. Fireworks
5. Rocket
6. Random Awesome
7. Permission
8. Cinta Sempurna
9. Decorate
10. Super Something
11. Dan Sebenarnya (Hidden Track)

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I saw this fancy little lady from Malaysia when she opened for Raphael Saadiq not too long ago. She sounds a lot like Sara Bareilles, with a bit of Feist, and a tad bit of Anna Nalick — but don't get me wrong, she's a talent all unto herself. She sings primarily in english, with songs about love, loss, and the joy of life; but her most beautiful songs are sung in her native tongue. This is her EP, her name is Yuna Zarai, and you should most definitely download it... or rather, "Get Familiar!"

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