Video: Napoleon Dynamite... The Series?

It would seem that seven years since its release (yes, it's been that long), the awkward Preston, Idaho teen is back to invade our minds. I, like many, SEVEN years ago, thoroughly enjoyed the film's deadpan humor. But seeing as it's been SEVEN years (yes, I must stress that point), it seems a bit late to really build off its original cult popularity, and too soon to bank off its nostalgic appeal. Fox really needs to just leave the animated programming to Seth MacFarlane — but I'll probably check it out anyway; it shall be my stoner cartoon. As the trailer points out, most (not all as they said) of the original cast is back — they must be hard-pressed for work. I wish the best for this series, as Fox doesn't have the best reputation for series' survival.

As a side-note, I posted a while back about the revival of Beavis and Butt-head; well, it's been confirmed for this summer by MTV!

This trailer came by way of Shannon Says...
a friend of mine's weekly round-up for BYT!

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