Fashion: Emporio Armani Menswear ss12

For Giorgio Armani's ss12 menswear collection under the Emporio Armani label was more April Showers than May Flowers a sea of grey. The theme was lightness; the fabric were light, the color palette was light, the easiness of the fits was light (it's all just sort of tossed on in an effortlessly chic way). As a whole, watching the models come out one after another, there was a sense that you were walking through a thick fog — the only color to be found were in subtle dip dyes, and the few pieces asserting a bold blue near the end. Once again, another solid, marketable menswear collection; every piece is accessible, and practical. Much as with Dolce&Gabbana's menswear collection, there is a lean towards dropped waistlines for belts — it seems to be a subtle nod at the slouchy belt trend seen in womenswear, only more refined. I certainly saw more than a few pieces I could see myself wearing (if I had the money). Check out more detailed shots after the jump.

Fashion: Alexander McQueen Resort 12


I kind of closed the book on Resort 2012 a bit prematurely — true it ended already, but there are still presentation images trickling in. Probably one of the best was the very last to arrive, and that was Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. The McQueen woman is very much represented here; the toughness, the sex appeal, the sleekness of it all. Burton continues to pay homage to the late Lee McQueen by incorporating elements seen in much of his work, but she reinterprets his aesthetic into a more toned-down, marketable version. What we have here is a collection that is very much Safari, as seen in the color palette, the animal prints, and the cuts. The collection is driven by a certain power which is even more punctuated by the details — the craftsmanship that has become the fame of the House of McQueen is ever present. I can't say this is without its flaws, but Burton has definitely made enough of a style statement here to set her apart from the other presentations we saw this season; the woman knows clothing, she learned from one of the best. For ss12, I just hope she will feel confident enough to take the label to the next level; she just needs to find her own point-of-view, and put it out there... you've proven that we can trust your instincts, so don't be afraid mademoiselle. Complete collection after the jump... and yes, this would have ranked high on my Top 10 List.

Fashion: Dolce&Gabbana Menswear ss12

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana know masculinity, they know sexuality, they know style. For their Spring 2012 menswear collection, the theme was "Netting" — in every sense of the word. From soccer nets, to finishing nets, to internet (paraphrasing Tim Blanks; I'm not that clever ha), it was all represented. There were knits and leathers which interpreted the sheer trend seen in womenswear as netting; the end result consisted of blazers, tops, shorts, pants, and bags all netted. While such a literal translation of an idea can often times come off as uninspired and/or bland, Dolce&Gabbana intermixed the theme with well tailored suits, oxfords, and sturdy leather bags. This collection is more so about beating the idea of nets into our heads, but closer examinations reveal very interesting details, most notably the lowered waist lines on the trousers. This collection has the buyer most definitely in mind... if only their D&G presentation wasn't such a load of garbage. More detailed images after the jump.

Fashion: Burberry Menswear ss12

There's a reason why Burberry remains to be such a successful brand, and no, it's not because Christopher Bailey is just so talented and makes such amazing clothing — it's because season after season, he finds ways to remain true to the brand, while still being innovative and relevant. Some of you may read that and go, "so yeah, it's because he makes amazing clothing"; that's not where I'm going with this. By finding ways to add subtle updates to designs that have already been made famous by the Burberry label, he is able to keep consumers craving what he makes. The expectation has been that Bailey would go for a more urban take on the London brand, but this season, he did a 180° and opted for more statesman chic. The busboy caps in what looks to be whicker, and then again repeated in the brogues (which if I may point out feature elements of cork and alligator). The tribal trend which was seen in many of the collections of Resort 2012 and some of the s/s 2011 collections is teased in the totes and then interpreted in an interesting way with the geometric shapes attached to the sweaters (they are like pieces, rather than a print... kudos to Burberry for that one). I am really loving this collection; it certainly makes up for a beyond boring Resort collection for the women. And before I forget, I SO want one of those alligator iPad sleeves — too bad they're $4200 (#BlackGirlProblems). Detailed images after the jump.

Fashion: Versace Menswear ss12

Donatella Versace, I have my issues when it comes to womenswear, but you struck a chord with me for your menswear this season. From the studs, to the straps and buckles, to the bags and sandals, to those eye-popping patterns, there is just so much going on here, and I'm loving every bit of it. While menswear is usually pretty bland or extremely oblivious to trends, Versace proves that by remaining true to its brand's legacy (notice Versace's notable use of baroque) and concentrating on the details (buckles, eyelets, studs, zippers) that one can create something that can be quite accessible and practical. I'm hoping against hope that elements of this collection like the buckles on those blazers and pants, as well as those gladiator sandals get translated to the label's diffusion line for H&M. Detailed shots appear after the jump.

Fashion: Top 10 Looks from Resort 12

I'll begin my saying, I'm not a fan of Resort — it seems unnecessary, and consumes time and creative energy from designers which could be focused into even better fw/ss collections. It can be said that it allows designers to have more fun, and test out trends, cuts, colors, fabrics in preparation for fall; as pre-fall is for spring. Nevertheless, this was a boring season in my opinion — labels I'd thought would wow me, left me with a question mark, specifically Balenciaga, Chloé, and Chanel. On the other hand, I was treated to quite impressive collections by the ones that didn't drop the ball (i.e. the good ones were DAMN good, unfortunately there was a bell curve). This is a wrap up of the looks, not collections, that truly impressed me. As this is my blog, my opinions, my words, my point-of-view, I chose based on what appeals to me as a consumer, my tastes, cuts, details, color and fabric choice, and its ability to remain wearable come September - November when these pieces actually become available. Follow the jump, check out my rankings, and feel free to argue for/against my choices in the comment section.

Style: The SatorialTwist... wait, what?

By now, everyone is familiar with Scott Schuman's blog "The Sartorialist" — if not get from under that rock you've been calling your main place of residence. I introduce you to, or rather, bring to your attention, a blog which finds intelligent comedy in the concept of street style. Entering stage right is The Sartorialtwist — yes, even the name is a humorous play on the whole idea. What we have is a randomly generated three-piece image of various photos taken by Mr Shuman; what results are hilarious mash-ups of heads, torsos, and legs which more times than none actually look like legitimate head-to-toe individuals. Have fun clicking around the site, I encourage you to comment with the random/wacky combinations you discover.



Fashion: Matthew Williamson Resort 12

If there was a designer to whom Resort season was made for, that would be Matthew Williamson. The man who knows his way around patterns and color doesn't disappoint — he presents a heavy play on the neon brights trends, as well as past trends of feathers and nudes. The styling is amazing, and though he isn't doing much to change up his formula, it works. I commend him for not relying just on a slew of sundress, but showing soft gowns, skirts, and pants. A true critique of this collection, is that the first half looks like a total stranger to the second half. The softness of the nude pieces are overshadowed by the boldness of color in the beginning. Williamson's inspiration, Japan, is visible in the prints, not to mention the overt use of kimonos silhouettes both at the top and bottom. The complete collection is after the jump.

Fashion: H&M x Versace

Can I just say, that I am not extremely excited about this collection. Donatella Versace has taken the shade saying that Versace is for expensive Italian prostitutes and mistresses of wealthy Italian men too seriously. Ever since her brother Gianni died, the brand has become something of an annoying younger sibling that you're forced to drag along with the rest of your friends; it's tolerated in my mind. Now, for fall 2011, they are bringing this to H&M — what we get is something which looks like knock-off Balmain in my opinion. Regardless, here is a helpful little video (plus press images after the jump) to get you all excited for this. But to be totally honest, I am excited for that black leather jacket with the gold studs all over it.


Fashion: Derek Lam Resort 12

Prints, check. Bright Neon Colors, check. Tribal Influences, check. Derek Lam presents a youthful, easy collection for resort. Unlike his fall collection which was weighted down with furs and silk, the sun is shining on this line-up. These pieces don't so much mix well together in terms of styling, but they do offer full-on looks that would certainly turn heads. He has certainly taken note of the women on the streets of New York, the sportswear is there, yet the laid-back, unrestrictive feel is still present. I'm slightly puzzled by the raw edge cut of the tops in looks #1 and #8, but they don't turn me off. The complete collection follows the jump.

Fashion: Gucci Resort 12

It would seem that marketability was the way for this season's resort collections, and Gucci followed suit. Showing a cohesive 43 piece collection, Frida Giannini incorporated such trends as neon brights, white as a statement, nautical themes, and prints that battle for your attention. The color moments within this collection are what truly breathes life into it — while the golds, beiges, and blacks are beautiful and luxurious, the color keeps it fresh. I applaud the designer for not showing swimsuits, but instead clothing that can translate into fall, and some even winter in more formal occasions. While this collection doesn't really leave lasting impressions on me, save for a few select looks (#4, #26, and #43), it serves as an intelligent presentation — I'm anxious to see how it's styled in editorials. Complete collection after the jump.

Video: Edge of Glory - Lady Gaga

Speaking on behalf of the unpopular opinion... I really enjoyed this video by Lady Gaga. True she doesn't provide much by way of styling, dancing, or theatrics, but it is a beautiful video nonetheless. The song's meanings are very personal, so I can imagine out of respect for her grandparents' memory, she wouldn't want to detract attention with controversial imagery. It's certainly a very 80s looking video, and it's not her most mind-blowing, but it's unique in its own way. Enjoy... Paws Up!

Fashion: Chanel Resort 12

There's not much to say negatively about the resort collection for Chanel; it's classy, simple, and hits the right notes trend-wise. There weren't very many risks taken, everything seems pretty straight-forward — clothing that will sell, separates that can be mixed and matched, silhouettes that don't scream "for size 0 and 2 only, and fabric choices that read luxury I don't know how I feel about the shoes; initially I was intrigued by the knee high open toed boots, but now they just come off as tacky. One thing of note, Uncle Karl's mini movie (Tale of a Fairy) did an excellent job making this collection come alive, and not be overlooked as boring. Because Karl Lagerfeld has an army of people working under him is such an over-achiever and produced a 70+ piece resort collection, it would seem pretty cumbersome to post images. Instead, I'm opting to just share the runway video (which comes in two parts). Enjoy the collection after the jump.


Fashion: Proenza Schouler Resort 12

I am a big fan of the work Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez have done, and continue to do, with Proenza Schouler. For the resort season, they drew inspirations from San Francisco during the late sixties — hippie to the max. The details of python translated from the garments to the lining of the PS1s, the paneling of prints and colors, and the leather details are all exquisite. This is by far, one of my favorite collections of this season. Complete collection after the jump.

Fashion: Helmut Lang Resort 12

I tip my hat to Michael and Nicole Colovos for choosing to ignore the "Resort" title of this season, and instead using good business sense. With this collection not reaching stores until November, they aren't bothering with swimsuits and short skirts. Instead, they present us with a collection very in-line with the Helmut Lang brand; unfortunately, it lacks uniqueness and feels more like a b-side to their fw11 collection. Though, I will admit, bringing in color with those burnt orange pieces is a slight change. Full collection after the jump.

Video: AA x Tony Kelly

dir: Tony Kelly

This is indeed a total 180° for the brand; a refreshing change from the misogynistic tone of 90% of its advertising. This Tony Kelly directed commercial features two world renowned break-dancing kids, Jalen Testerman and Lil Demon... They Betta WERQ!


Photo: So Three Men Walk Into a Bar...

Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and Liam Neeson

I would like to introduce you to your new favorite Tumblr blog: Awesome People Hanging Out Together. It's a collection of candids capturing the interactions between pop-culture and historical icons — imagine the show Iconoclasts in photo form. Thanks to BYT for making me aware of this cool little blog.

[photo by Art Streiber]


Fashion: Mulberry fw12 (Preview) - Edited

The fall ad campaign for Mulberry, shot by Tim Walker, is all about the bags. In what appears to be some furnished bird's nest, Tati Cotilar and Julia Saner show off the label's new additions: the Polly Posh Lock, the Quilted Tillie, and the Taylor (not pictured). These shots remind me so much of The Fantastic Mr Fox; and not just because Julia is clutching a faux fox.

[Images via TFS]

Fashion: Burberry fw12 (Preview)

Shot by Mario Testino, the fw12 campaign for Burberry features a collection of models, musicians, and actors all hailing from the UK. The cast includes Amber Anderson, Jake Cooper, Johnny George, Thomas Penfound, actor Sam Clafin, Johnny Green, Cara Delevingne, Molly Smith, actress Felicity Jones, Matthew Whitehouse, and Jourdan Dunn (so glad to see her getting work). While this is a quite boring ad campaign, Christopher Bailey is a man about his clothing – the purpose is to sell, and these shots do just that. The clothes are well-presented without relying on any distracting themes or theatrics. More images after the jump...

Video: Daphne's Window

dir: Brennan Stasiewicz

For those unfamiliar to Daphne Guinness, her last name should be a hint — she's an heiress to the Guinness Brewing fortune, as well as an artist and fashion icon. The woman who bought up the entirety of Isabella Blow's collection of Alexander McQueen pieces upon her death, as to save it from being auctioned off to various parties, is one of my favorite individuals in fashion [crazy run-on sentence, I know]. Here, she is filmed by director Brennan Stasiewicz as she discusses her inspirations, her love of fashion, and her preparations for her recent installation in the windows of Barneys New York (remember, when she got ready for the Met Gala's Savage Beauty opening). What results is an intimate portrait of such an enigmatic individual in her natural habitat.

Fashion: Marc Jacobs Resort 12

At first, this collection comes off as quite plain; personally, I thought it to be too heavy with the baroque prints and too basic in its styling. However, at further glance, there is a lot going right with Marc Jacobs Resort collection. From the tailoring, to the details (sequins, crystal embellishments, metallic leathers), to the accessories — this collection makes subtle statements which are uniquely directional. While I don't disagree that Marc Jacobs is starting to lose some of his charm and star-quality that once made him the talk-of-the-town, he's a talent which presents intelligent clothing — it's marketable, thoughtful, and shows his maturity as a designer. Full collection after the jump.

Film: Salt 2

With a gross revenue of around $300 million, Sony Pictures has officially announced production on the sequel to the Angelina Jolie starring Action/Crime/Mystery/Thriller Salt. I haven't discovered a ton on the project, but I'm definitely excited for it. Team Angie for life, but beyond that, the movie was actually really good. Minus the geographical liberties they took with my hometown of DC, the twist was quite amusing, the action was entertaining, and her badass-ness was intriguing. I'd assume this will probably be released sometime during the summer of 2013 at the earliest — until then, the first film is available to watch instantly on Netflix.

Music: "4" - Beyoncé

1. 1+1
2. I Care
3. I Miss You
4. Best Thing I Never Had
5. Party (feat. Andre 3000 & Kanye West)
6. Rather Die Young
7. Start Over
8. Love on Top
9. Countdown
10. End of Time
11. I Was Here
12. Run the World (Girls)

>> Download <<

It's finally here, Beyoncé's new album — to be completely honest, it's not her best work, but it does return the singer to the space of her first album. There are solid R&B tracks here, nothing that will get you up and dance, but definitely songs you will feel inspired to sing along with. I anticipate this to be Bey's last album for a while; perhaps she will release a greatest hits album, but this will be the album she settles down with I believe. Her career is at a point where she really has nothing else to prove; she can focus on her acting and her personal life. I wouldn't be surprised to find her on Broadway in the next couple years; probably not too soon after her film with Clint Eastwood, A Star Is Born, is released next year. This is just the standard album, but I'll be sure to edit this post with an updated link to the Deluxe Edition of the album — though I encourage you all to still make your way to the store to purchase the album, or download it from iTunes. But as a final verdict, I like this album; glad to have something new to groove to from my Queen Diva Supreme.


BYT: Bill Cosby

The ole' Bill Cosby made an appearance recently to our area for a packed performance at Wolf Trap. Though I was less than impressed by him, the older people (emphasis on older) attendees really found him hilarious and worth the money they spent on tickets. With that said, this is my review... I tried to be diplomatic, but seriously, the guy failed to make me laugh beyond a chuckle here and there. As always, comments are welcomed and encouraged!

[Photo via Shannon Yazurlo/BYT]

Video: Guys from FORD ss12

dir: Gustavo Amaral and Felipe Terra

I love these — every season or so, there are video show packages of the models from various agencies. This time, FORD Models Brasil presents their men, as Paris menswear ss12 kicks off later this month on the 22nd. There's nothing really brain-stimulating here, but it does provide an excuse to watch cute boys dance around without shirts... and that's enough reason for me to share it with you. The models featured are Fernando Sala, Pedro Moreno, Celso Carvalho, Rael, Giuseppe, Vitor Fazio, Dante, Estevao and Rodrigo Alves — check out the Ford Brasil men's show package over at MDC [link].

Fashion: Jason Wu Resort 12

Jason Wu is definitely a wunderkind – his designs are so hip and sophisticated, I'm glad New York is his home. For his resort collection, there's a weekend at the Hamptons feel to it all. Opting for more subtle uses of color, the collection relies heavily on its prints. Personally, this just all comes off as a continuation of the label's pre-fall '11 collection, just with shorter hem lines. I'm most impressed by coat in look #4, the jacket of look #5, and the finale dress (look #27) — this is simply a clean, well-styled take on resort; kudos Wu. The complete collection will greet you after the cut.

Fashion: McQ Resort 12

I hope you're paying attention Michael Kors [Resort '12], because Sarah Burton is showing off the correct way to play with neons and wet-suit elements. For Alexander McQueen's more retail-friendly and younger line McQ, we see a certain femininity that is present all thanks to Burton. Noticeably there are nods to the label's main line, especially in the marbleized print of looks #7, #17, and #26. This time around, it's worth noting how there is less of a disconnect from the main line and McQ — while much more colorful, it at least looks to be of the McQueen family. While I'm not a fan of color really at all, I do really enjoy this collection — the jumpsuits are where I get the most excited; I'm desperate to start wearing one-sies. Complete collection after the jump.

BYT: Rihanna

Words really can't express the kind of emotions that flowed through my system this past Friday night when I saw Rihanna at the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore. I am a pretty serious Stan, like no joke; the girl has a piece of my pop heart. I joked with a friend about this, but it's actually kind of true: I acquired another horcrux of pop music with this show. To explain for those in the dark... first was Beyoncé at the former MCI Center (now Verizon Center) back in 2004, then Britney at the HP Pavillion in San Jose back in 2009, and now Rihanna — give me Gaga and the circle will be complete. Anyway, this is my review of the show; check it out, comment, share it. Namaste.

[Photo via Kevin Carroll/BYT]


Fashion: Missoni Resort 12

This is what Missoni, in my mind, is all about — color, prints, and flowy fabrics. This season, the label leaves behind the rougher, more masculine grungy aesthetic from the fall collections, and turns up the the technicolor. As Missoni gears up for its bridge line with Target, the resort collection pulls out all the stops emphasizing the nautical, beach trends. My favorite looks have got to be #6, #21, #27, and #32 — I have no negative critiques; sorry, but it's the truth. The accessories and the shoes are absolutely to die for — I can't wait to see these looks in print. Follow the jump for the full collection.

BYT: Aloe Blacc

I seriously should be on this guy's street team — for the third time in a year, I've seen Aloe Blacc (the second time at Rock and Roll Hotel). This time around, he brought along Tutu Sweeney and The Brothers Band, and collectively the show was a blast. Though I wasn't as enthralled by him as I was previously, he puts on excellent shows. This is my review, and the link is behind the photo, and you can now go check it out (and hopefully comment).

[Photo via Corey Thompson/BYT]

Fashion: Vogue Brazil Jul 11

Raquel Zimmermann covers Vogue Brazil's July issue, with a solo spread inside — both shot by Henrique Gendre. There's nothing really that awe-inspiring from the editorial, nor from the cover, but it's just refreshing to see a clean cover of Vogue (for any edition). Not to mention, Raquel looks gorgeous as always... she's too amazing not to be hyped and shared. The rest of the editorial is after the jump.

Fashion: Jenni Kayne Resort 12

Jenni Kayne's collection for the 2012 Resort season has such a fresh, youthful feel to it. The looks feature this season's trends of neon, androgyny, and boxy silhouettes. At only fifteen looks, the fact that the collection is made up of separates, it's not hard to see where mix-and-matching can produce a plethora of additional options. The styling reminds me of the girls you would see at summer music festivals, or at a boardwalk carnival — it's all so very easy, breezy, and beautiful fun.

Fashion: Elie Tahari Resort 12

This Marrakech, Morocco inspired collection from Elie Tahari has so much going right for it. Kobi Halperin did an excellent job mixing linens, furs, chambrays, and silks. My favorite elements to this collection are the accessories, the embroidery, the silhouettes, and the proportions. This certainly screams resort, but many of the looks appear to be suitable enough to transfer into pre-fall given the right styling. My one qualm is look #9 — mainly because I loath high-waisted bottoms like those; they
look like granny panties, and aren't flattering on anyone. The complete collection follows after the jump.


BYT: Little Dragon (Interview)

So, I kinda sorta got to interview Yukimi Nagano of Little Dragon — yep, no big deal... ha. After a bunch of back and forth emails, and a couple phone calls, we all finally got it together. What we have is a pretty decent interview (yes, I'm tooting my own horn) and a cool follow up to my coverage of their Black Cat performance from way back in January [link]. I'd hope that those of you who come across the article through this post will comment and share it — I'd really appreciate it. Namaste.

Video: Heartless Journey

Heartless Journey
dir: Jimmy Jenkins

Official Synopsis:
As we go back in time to the summer of 1952, join us and come along as Carter Jones embarks on a journey to find truth. As he encounters an old worn radio, an almost perfect merchant realizes all his imperfections through a woman’s broken heart. What happens to a man who inherits riches and fortune but history causes his inner man to be in turmoil? With his hometown on his shoulders, a man who can pretty much fix any material object faces something he never had to fix, a heart.

The trailer for this stage play came by way of Twitter, my friend (and fellow intern) Jada's twitter to be exact (she's the girl with the big hair, and the red skirt). I haven't been to Charles Herbert Flowers High School in years, but I am always in line to support those close to me... or in Jada's case, becoming close to me. Judging from the professionalism of this trailer, I'd suspect it'll be quite impressive for a group of high school/college students. I encourage you all to check out this play if you're in the area, and aren't too broke to spend $15-20 on a ticket (no shade, I too am quite broke at the moment) — if not for the love of theatre, at least because the trailer was shot, and styled, so exquisitely. Showtimes for Heartless Journey are as follow:
6/24 @ 7p; 6/25 @ 2p + 8p; 6/26 @ 3p — Purchase tix here.

Video: Anna Dello Russo... in Fashion

More from SHOWstudio... and once again tardy to the party I am... an intimate interview with Our Lady of the Knobby Knees Anna Dello Russo. This woman is such a caricature of what the world imagines individuals within the fashion community to be like... and she knows this full-well. My favorite part of this 17-minute long interview is when she discusses her earliest recollection of being interested in fashion ("...everything said Fendi"). When she compares being a producer of fashion to being a dentist, it sounds quite trite, but it's the truth... you can't dictate something without living and breathing it yourself (looking at you other Anna). I love you ADR, keep doing your thing... and keep performing for us — high fashion was made for women like you; it's about having fun.

Video: Cinq à Sept

Cinq à Sept
dir: Ruth Hogben

This doesn't require a degree in fashion or film to understand it's purpose as a fashion film. Beautiful women, in beautiful clothing, undercut by a beautiful soundtrack — it makes you want to the buy what they're wearing, no? I'm kinda late seeing this, it's been up on SHOWstudio for a while, but whatever. It's worth making mention of what a great job Ruth Hogben and Katie Grand did with Giles Deacon's fw11 collection for Emanuel Ungaro. The models look so cool in their lace numbers. Speaking of, for those interested, they are: Aymeline Valade, Nyasha Matonhodze, Anais Pouliot, Anais Mali, and Daga Ziober.

Fashion: YSL Resort 12

For yet another resort season, nautical tones are abound — anchors, ropes, sailor touches; it's all been done, every way imaginable. Stefano Pilati's collection sticks out to me because of the cool easy feel of the color and themes mixed with the sophistication of the Yves Saint Laurent brand. The silhouettes are very mature as is the norm with YSL, but with the punches of color and the prints keep it looking quite youthful. I'm most impressed by the billowed sleeves, the finale gowns, and accessories (those bags are gorgeous). There are a few select pieces I could do without in this collection, namely Lindsey Wixson's look (#15) and Iris Egbers' look (#20). The complete collection is after the jump... because seriously who wants to scroll that much on the homepage?


Models: New Faces, Olli G. (RED)

Olli Greb, Brown, Grey, 6'1.5, RED NY
full name, hair, eyes, height, agency

[photos via MDC]

TV: Tom Ford x OWN

One of the sexiest men alive in my mind will be featured on Oprah's network this month as a part of OWN's Visionaries series. Tom Ford, a categorically private individual, allowed camera to follow him for several months — spanning from his fw11 presentation to his flagship opening in Beverly Hills. I'm most excited to see the preparations for that exclusive fw11 womenswear show (and not just cause Beyoncé was a part of it) and his stint as guest editor at Vogue Paris (just before Carine Roitfeld left). Props to Oprah for having the clout to inspire someone like Tom Ford to take part in this... putting aside personal criticisms against The Big O, she knows how to create good television. Visionaries: Tom Ford premieres June 24th on OWN. To read more into this story, hop on over to Racked, they include quotes from the piece.

Music: "Best I Never Had" - Beyoncé

>> Download <<

I am just bubbling with excitement with every track that leaks from this album. "!+1" is still my favorite track thus far, but this song definitely plays like a power anthem — I'm singing this with a purpose Beyoncé, and I thank you for that. I really must say, that album art, "King B"... girlfriend is on a whole other level; the Queen hasn't left the building, but the KING has arrived. If you haven't already, be sure to pre-order Bey's new album on iTunes... like now. [link]