just because its wednesday...

i am so loving college... off the bat... the party/mixer im planning got pushed again to saturday night... i bought all the stuff... invited a mess of people... and my RA offered to pay for the pizza... so its all actually gonna happen.

i also organized a movie & ice cream night in my friend bryana & sara's room... we watched Clue... and right now i feel kinda bad cause i have a guest in my room... but im gonna finish this...

okay. i'm forgetting my thoughts. lets see... there have been many parties... many got busted up and like ppl got written up... so i haven't adventured into any of those...

i've taken upon leaving my dorm open... so i have many visitors constantly... lol... and im a constant visitor in other's dorms...

okay... i'm gonna remember more tmrw... lol... right now its hella late at night...

here's a song my friend alex who's on the bbal team wrote... she plays guitar... she performed it in this like, spontaneous concert outside our dorm hall... this song is called... 'Just Because It's Wednesday'... and i'm dedicating it to a special someone... you're an amazing guy... and even if we just end up being friends, i'm happy i met u... =]


i found a recording of the song alex made... so u can at least hear the lyrics and stuff now... lol... its a beautiful song... she has a very innocent voice... i love it... here's a link to her youtube channel... add her... comment... share with your friends...



shake wat yo momma gave ya.

so today was good... im loving college soo much... the people are amazing. the campus is beautiful, and my roomate is really chill... i can't complain at all.

the in state people moved in this morning, and like i expected... it was chaos... but now everyone is in... and its all good in the neighborhood... at least for now... the parents have left, so now... let the games begin.

tonight i'm planning a pizza party mixer in the common room next to my room... music. pizza. soda. sexy people. it will def be fun.... i'll have pics up most likely... lol... i love college.


party didn't happen... we're having it tmrw night... more time to plan... =]

btw... there is NOTHING to do in moraga, ca after 10p... omfg... gas stations aren't even open... wtf is that... hahaha!


and survey says...

my fall08 semester schedule... i'm quite proud of it... =]

9.10a - 10.10a ~ French 10
12.40p - 2.10p ~ English 4

9.40a - 10.40a ~ French 10
1.10p - 2.40p ~ Intro to Women's Studies
2.50p - 3.50p ~ Pilates*
7.00p - 8.30p ~ Greek Thought [Seminar]**

9.10a - 10.10a ~ French 10

1.10p - 2.40p ~ Intro to Women's Studies
2.50p - 3.50p ~ Pilates*
7.00p - 8.30p ~ Greek Thought [Seminar]**

9.10a - 10.10a ~ French 10
12.40p - 2.10p ~ English 4

* Yes. Pilates is offered as a credit course. It's presented as a .25 course. Each year we are allotted 9.5 credits [4 for fall, 4 for spring, 1 for january term, and .50 to be split between fall/spring/jan term].
** Seminar is essentially us reading something, writing about it outside of class, and discussing it in a round table setting during class.

expect pics of my dorm whenever my stuff gets here... so that's like saturday or early next week... its half completed... lol... it's still getting there... joi, i'm coming after you for the oscar of best dorm room... lol.

i had a great orientation... it was fun... met some really cool people... speaking of... i'm leaving now to head upstairs to my friend Katie's room for a movie night... =]

ps. i have a really hott RA... lol.



from coast to coast.

[press play before reading this post]

auf wiedersehen east coast...

i most definitely enjoyed my time with you... there are many memories that i will most surely treasure... and others i'd like more than anything to forget... but all in all... its been a good time... it helped bring me this far, to be the person i am right now... but not who i will long term... for that... i look towards the future... my future... in california... [sings phantom planet]... this isn't a goodbye... but rather a see you later... i kno though i will most likely live on the west coast upon graduation... i'll make my way back... to nyc no less... or boston... lol... okay... cutting the BS...
this is addressed to DC... i loved u... but now i need to get the hell out... as many have remarked before... its full of unhappy people working government jobs... i've witnessed them first hand... i worked with them... and thats not what i want for myself... so i will see you on the b-side... or not... its all up to which way the wind blows me [thats what he said].

To the west coast... bonjour mon nouveau ami... i look forward to exploring and experiencing everything you have to offer me... i hope to find myself while spending my life with you... i hope to learn more about who i am... i hope to establish myself as a professional whatever... i hope to make those who care most about me proud of me... i hope to just enjoy life more... i want to laugh even more than i already do... i want to make others smile... i want to live a life full of good karma & positive energy [redundant?]... i want to be free of the social restraints that keep me from loving myself... i want to be one of those progressive thinkers that are littered all up and down the west coast... and i most of all want to make memories... memories that i can look back on when i'm old and say... wow... i had a pretty kick ass life... =]

[press play again for me please]

1 more day.

as this is my last day here in the DdotC... i'm going to just say how i truly feel about the people i'm going to miss... yes... i will actually reveal the list of the 10 ppl i'm actually going to miss... lol...

in no particular order.... hahaha... just kidding... it is in a particular order... i wont say how... but just know it is... xD

[press the play button before reading this post...]


ur super, ur awesome, ur smart, ur funny, ur talented, ur creative, ur cute, that's gay, in a way, i'll miss u, straight up, high school was fun, much more, because of you, i can't put, into words, how much, you have, changed my life, so i'll, just post, incoherent, words, that, actually, spell, out, something... okay... enough of that... but seriously... ur amazing duuude.... and thats one large pencil... thanks for still being my friend even though i sorta kinda had a major crush on u and was a really intense friend... i loved the vid u and john made... i'll miss u like crazy... ur one of the friends i have that totally make my life interesting... u introduce me to soo much cool new music... u single-handedly revitilized my love of the o.c.... thank you for all the awesome advice... thanks for listening to my seemingly endless strife over whether to go to nyc or to san francisco for college... thank you for letting me copy your notes... thank you for giving me so many rides to the metro... cdc was so much fun... thanks for sharing your kid with me that one time... well few times... and thanks for making me laugh uncontrollably [and justin] when u said that, "i WOULD know how to decorate the fort cause im gay"... not your exact words, but they were around that... be sure to keep in touch... cause i'll need someone to save me from the insanity that will most surely ensue whenever i return home and be forced to face my mother... good luck at umd... don't allow urself to get too stressed out.


omg... u and i were like destined to be friends... tho u totally were relunctant to give me the time of day freshman year... ionno if u remember, but we first met in mr holmer's class... u sat in front of the person who sat on the right side of me... and u were like super quiet... u didnt talk to anyone... then one day, i found u outside during lunch... and i sat with u... and tried to be friends... but u werent trying to talk to me... so everyday for like a month i sat outside with u druing lunch... until u finally warmed up to me... we've had our ups and downs... i've hurt ur feelings, you've hurt mine... but all in all... we keeping coming back to being friends again... as much as i hate to admit this... you're like the cloest bestfriend i have... even more than courtney... like really... u kno so much about me that many others dont kno... and same goes for stuff i kno about u... im going to miss u sooo soo much... i'll never be able to replace u... and im not even going to pretend like i can or want to... i wanna kno that whenever i come back home, you'll be right there... its wierd... cause like, i could easily lie and say we've been friends since the sandbox... ppl wouldn't ask questions... we're just that cool in my mind... never change aj... or at least not so much that i cant recognize who u are... lol... ur perfect just the way u are... ur my friend... ur a dork... i love u.... and i mean that... but not that way... lol... w.e... u kno what i mean.

nate & sarah-

u two are like... the coolest couple i kno... nate, though you are a self-centered, selfish, thoughtless a-hole... i love u... ur always there for me no matter what... tho it always includes some sort of drama... ur always looking out for me... even when u don't have to... senior year went by way to fast... i wish we had a little more time to connect... i'm going to miss u... and isnt it sooo completely freaky we're going to the same school, just in different states... lol... keep in touch loserface... cause if not... i will most definitely cry... and when i cry, i CRY... and to u sarah... the girl who's always available to listen to my issues, to laugh with, to ride in cars late at night with the windows down, stealing signs, dancing in parking lots, falling asleep in lawns, crashing parties, catching concerts, singing in the back of limos, making fun of nate, openly hating Jamelia, i love u... and i'll miss u... however... i will see u during spring break when we go to cananda... i cant wait... it will most surely be awesome... =]]]


what can i say about u... well i can start by saying u were and could very well be an emotional mess... but i love u so much for that... and this is going to sound bad... i kno it is... but u made me think, 'gosh, my situation could be so much worse... just look at john'... im not saying that nearly as mean as it sounds... but yah, u kept me looking at the brighter side of things... tho u could be overwhelming... i kno i can be too... so we mesh well in that sense... u give the best hugs... and u have become like honesly one of the most 'i dont care what ppl think of me' people i kno... tho the reality is u do... you bring much to the table... ur an awesome conversationalist... and i'm going to miss ur constant 'black jokes' at my expense... ur the coolest german i kno... now go drink ur milk, and i'll video chat u later... btw... no matter how much distance is between us... we'll always have 'The Box'... =]


omg... we have been through sooo much together... we have known each other since 1st grade... been best friends since 7th grade... you're the only person i call on the phone to talk to... and the only person i accept calls from excitedly... we have been eachother's shoulder to cry on on several occassions... i love that we have movie days once a month... i love that ur family loves me... and that mine loves urs... i love that ur dog scares me... i love that ur not afraid to slap me... i love that ur not afraid to let me slap u... i love that we can share sushi [well, u get chicken and onion rings] and we can just forget about all of this 'moving away to college' stress... i love that i'll see u today... i love that i'll give u a very big hug... i love that we won't cry... i love that we'll laugh... i love that we'll say 'see you later' instead of goodbye.... i love that i love u... every bit of you.... and i love that u chose to go to rhode island for college so we could be closer [well, we would have been closer if i were going to nyc], even tho u wanted to go to North Carolina... i love that even though im the most annoying person you kno... at the end of the day, u still love me and accept me for exactly who i am... and i love that we were able to spend everyday this summer together... in cubicles... but together nonetheless... &hearts bestfriend.


i have no real idea why i'm even listing you up here with these people... yes of course i love u... yes of course our mother's have been bestfriends since grade school and they are both now like 52... and yes of course i consider u my cousin and my bestfriend... but honestly... u live like 30m from my college... lol... i find it hilarious that like, u came to dc to go to college to be closer to me... but now im leaving out to san francisco... so it's like we're back to square one... lol... maybe sometime in the future we'll get it together... ur a beautiful young woman, and i look up to u soo soo much... i'm so glad ur a year ahead of me, so i can get a sort of glimpse at what to expect... and i can have someone close to me who can offer useful advice and be able to sympathize with me freshman year jitters... i love u j... more than you'll ever know...


you know something... im mad at you... yes... im very mad at you... because you just up and left without calling me to tell me goodbye or that you were even leaving... i had to hear from kishan... and thats just not right... we've been friends since freshman year... and have sat next to each other in band every year since then... well except junior year... and senior year... ok... so i guess not every year... damn u mr bickel for seperating us... neways... you are one of the dorkiest people i kno... and u understand ur a dork... and u embrace it wholeheartedly... you have unique tastes in music... and like steven, u expose me to some amazing bands i wouldnt have ever heard of otherwise... u tolerate my constant african jokes at ur expense... ur the most chivalrous person i kno... ur intelligent... ur funny... and ur an amazing friend... and im sad that i didnt get to say goodbye on the day that u left... but im glad we got to hang out often over the summer... and u just don't know how good it made me feel when u came to my graduation party... though i felt it was lame beyond belief... u kept it fun and exciting... thanks for being a friend amadu... i'll miss u... but i kno we'll keep in touch... and i'll see u when i see u... =]


omg... what can i say... ur hilarious... u kept me laughing throughout junior and senior year... and i loved every bit of it... im so upset at the fact that u were in summer college at hampton pretty much all summer and i didnt get to talk to you or see you... but i know that with effort we'll keep in touch... ur the funniest person i know... and ur the most caring person i know... u are someone who keeps me grounded... and keeps me from getting myself down... u help me to love myself... i think we all have people in our lives that really make an impact on us, so much so that no matter whats going on in our life, no matter how far the distance, no matter how much time has passed... that we can always say, wow... that person means alot to me... i can rely on them for whatever... and for me... you my friend... are that person... you're one of the only people i plan on calling before i board my 7hour flight to california... there are only 3 people i will be calling... and not to make it seem like its this big event or anything... but i just want to make sure u understand how much our friendship means to me... and how high regard i hold for u... i hope to one day see you in a hollywood comedy... accepting a tony award for your dramatic role in 'Roots: the musical'... i can't wait to be at your oscar party toasting it up with orlando bloom... and canoodling with rihanna... sean... don't forget me... cause i most surely wont forget you.


giiiiirl. what can i say about u... lol... you are a firecracker... you are tall like a giraffe... you make me feel special... and not the slow kind... i love ur mom... she loves me... thank you for always being there for me even when i wasn't always there for u... thank you for always saving me the first dance at dance marathon... thanks for always being the first one to give me a smile and a warm hug whenever i stepped in to Elizabeth Seton High School... thanks for always being genuine... thanks for accepting my faults and showing me that they can also be strengths... thank you for always making me feel like i held a special place in your heart though i didnt deserve it... thank you so so so much... you just don't know... i appreciate you so much... and with you at Deleware State, and me on the opposite coast... i pray that our connection never fades... you have my number... and i have yours... and you better believe i will be calling you at 2a my time [ie, 5a ur time] to wanna chat about what an amazing night i'd just had. i love you olivia roxanne croxton... and i always will... and my last thank you is thank you for not getting upset with me for screwing your boyfriend [now ex]... and for those of u reading this... i didnt know they even knew each other at the time... so to answer ur questions... im NOT a whore skank b-tch. peace & love olivia.

now with all that said... there are others not listed... i understand that... but to those people... i'll say this... i valued our friendships... as deep or as shallow as they may have been... but these 10 ppl had something special with me... and what i had with alot of you were simply friendships of convience... and to the rest... i realized that though we were close... i have grown to no longer need you there to depend on... i can stand on my own... and not feel the least bit sad or guilty about it... to these 10 people i've listed... i pray we can keep in touch... and we hang out alot during breaks... and that im at each one of you guys' weddings, graduations [where possible], and at the birth of ur first children... i wish i could have made even the smallest bit of impact on u guys, cause u ten have certainly made a large impact on me... i love u guys.



2 more days.

i finished packing!!!!!!!!!!


enjoy this video from my two best friends.



3 more days.

with the realization that i only have three more days until i leave dc behind and fly 7hours across the country to a place that i will spend the next 4 years of my life and possibly claim as my state of residency after that four years, it got me to thinking... the number 3 is prevalent in my life... 3 moms [birth mother, my mom, my step mom], i have 3 god siblings [my 2 god brothers, my god sister], i live on 3rd st, i'm the 3rd person in my family to actually go to college [and hopefully stay in college for more than a month], i have 3 names [first, middle, last], i speak 3 languages [english, french, spanish], and i have kissed a total of 3 people in my life [on the lips that is; call me a loser, i don't care]... its funny how the number three plays such a pivotal role in my life.

well, i pretty much finished packing last night... i was up until 2a... i just need to make a run to fedex/kinko's to pick up just one really big box and some bubble wrap... and a run to ikea for a duvet, and possibly another set of sheets... all the years of tears, and wishing to be somewhere else has culminated into this point now... and honestly, i couldn't be happier... there's a song by Adele called Chasing Pavements, and i never really understood what it meant... and i still don't exactly... but my interpretation, as it relates to my life, is that... with all the drama that exists in my life from divorced parents, me finding myself, etc... i shouldn't give up... i should keep chasing pavements... keep on keeping on... cause the light at the end of the tunnel is only 3 days away... though in the past it seemed like all my endurance seemed to lead nowhere... now i can see the benefit of having just ignored all the bulls--t, and keeping my head up... i'm almost there... i can feel it... i wont be forced to return here if i don't want to... i can't stop smiling... and no one is stealing my joy... no matter how much they try to... and that's directed at you mother dearest... in three days, who are u gonna belittle then, who are u gonna bully, who are u gonna b-tch to??? you'll be stuck like a car in the mud... hahaha... you may care how we leave each other, but i really could care less, as long as i leave...

that makes me think on something else... i'm happy not to be going to NYC... i'll always love the city... but a large part of me is now happy not to be going there... or rather, i'm now really happy to be going to san francisco [actually moraga, but its close enough]... life is going to be so different... the people, the vibe, the plethora of things to get into... i think i may find the one in california... i'm hoping to at least... my first true love... i think he's waiting for me in california... whether he's in the dorm room down the hall, or the apartment on the other side of the city... i just have a feeling he's there somewhere... just waiting to meet me... but until then... i'm having fun... i'm not going to look for him... i want to experience as much as i can... =]

i had a conversation with a friend [Garrett], his aunt recently got married to her girlfriend... they live in the sacramento area... and we were just talking about our futures... like if we'd get married and stuff... he's really looking forward to the wife and kids and home and career... i'm still unsure if that's what i want... like, i'd love to be in a relationship as committed as one that his aunts have... but i'm not so sure about the piece of paper that says, mr & mr scott-[his last name here]... and the kids... eeek... ionno about the kids... i'd much prefer us to just be in love... wine tasting in italy, safari in south africa, riding bikes in holland, experiencing the Louvre in paris, walking close under an umbrella in london, going to the chinese new years celebrations in hong kong, eating sushi in a pagoda in kyoto, scuba diving in the coral reef of australia, jetting off to egypt to explore the pyramids, fashion week in bryant park [nyc], going to sxsw music festival in austin [texas] or coachella in indio [california], going to sundance film festival in park city [utah], enjoying an extended stay in the virgin islands during december or to brazil... it would be endless bliss... that's what i want... i dream big... it's the only thing that keeps me optimistic... without high hopes for life, i'd be on depressed college student. =P



4 more days.

this was my word of the day... i used it in the wee hours of the night last night... and i realized i hadn't heard, read, wrote, or said this word in a really long time... i figure it needs a revitalization in my vocabulary... so... without further a-do my word of the day was and is...

ter·rif·ic - [tuh-rif-ik]

1. extraordinarily great or intense: terrific speed.
2. extremely good; wonderful: a terrific vacation.
3. causing terror; terrifying.

ter·rif·i·cal·ly, adverb

1. extraordinary
2. remarkable
3. fine
4. excellent

terrific... isn't that just terrific! as was my day... just terrific... bought some amazing pieces from H&M and Urban Outfitters [the glorified thrift store] and something i can add to my dorm room... had lunch at one of my favorite dc restaurants, Cosi... and now to you guys, can u think of any words you haven't used in forever for whatever reason... i know we all have them... i can name 3 right now... spontaneous, expeditiously, and of course... terrific... lol.

p.s. i had one moment today that got my blood boiling a little... but i was having such a terrific day, i wasn't gonna let it put a damper on my terrific mood... =]



5 more days.

"We all die. The goal is not to live forever;
the goal is to create something that will."



6 more days.

consider this... i'm about to be a college freshman... i'm about to be given the opportunity to become whoever i want to be... i'll be able to make my own decisions and not have to report back to anyone... i'm so beyond excited... today i begun dorm room shopping... i hit up a thrift store and got some amazing items that will really make my room my own... at least my half of the room... i'm slowly generating an idea of what sort of theme i want for my room... i don't want to spoil anything... i want the big reveal to be like, va-va-voom... and considering i'll hve a full two days to set up my room before my roomate moves in... it'll be quite nice...

i leave you all with something to ponder... and those who read my myspace & mySMC blogs are no stranger to this scenario... a friend of mine brought this to me, and i now want to share it with you all...

Is it better to live and know what you're missing out on or to live in ignorance?

To put it in examples terms:

Is it better to live knowing that you won't get to possess that certain career goal, to know that you won't make the team, to know that you don't have friends, to know that you won't find that certain someone, to know that you're a loser, to know that you're popular but not happy
Is it better to be born outside of all that as a recluse possibly accidentally possibly because you're parents wanted it. Born in a log cabin where loneliness doesn't exist, where the opposite sex isn't really known yet (or same), where you're always popular because you're the only one, where you're happy or sad but you don't really know what it is so you're complacent?

think on this a bit... and feel free to comment... i'm not going to share which one i chose... cause to be honest... i was conflicted... but i did lean more to one side than the other... but only by a very little bit...


7 more days.

This post is all about the amazing mtvU vma concert that i went to today at six flags... the line-up included... Katy Perry, MetroStation, BoysLikeGirls, and All-Time Low... it was a great time... we had floor access tickets so we were right in front of the stage... i had such an amazing time... enjoy the vids and pics below [click the pics to enlarge them]... we only stayed to watch Katy Perry & MetroStation... after them, we left to go ride rides... after all... we WERE at an amusement park... lol

ps. i saw tropic thunder before the concert... it was sooo funny...

pps. thrifting tmrw and dorm room shopping... i took notes from u joilyn... lol
[check out her dorm room here --->link]



8 more days.

today i went thrifting... nothing exciting happened... found some awesome ties... and a cool henley... but i DID test out the ichat theatre feature on my macbook with 3 of my besties... it was pretty fun... check it out below... and also check out Jason Mraz' new alubm, We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. it's really good. i love it.

i'm really gonna miss these three people... but luckily we all have macbooks... so i expect there will be many-a iChats going on... =]

[from left to right: John, AJ, Steven]


i never got to see TransSiberian... i missed it... so i'm planning on tackling it again sometime this week... along with Vicky & Christina Barcelona



9 more days.

today i decided to create a flickr account... the linkage is in my sidebar... check it out... i played around with my new camera today... i love it now... at first i was like... 'no. just no... nothing can replace my old camera'... but now that i've played around with it, i love it... here are some pics below... taken from my flickr... =]

[click the pics]

plans for tonight::: seeing TransSberian... then catching The Wackness



10 more days.

nothing makes me happier than when i'm sitting in a movie theatre seat, a vegan cookie in hand, and preparing to enjoy a long awaited indie film.

this weekend has brought me so much joy, i saw a total of 5 amazing films, with a 6th & 7th on sunday. check em out below... you can click the pic to be sent to their movie sites... ^_^

btw, i found out yesterday that i may have the opportunity to have my film reviews in a magazine... prim.Magazine to be exact... --->link<---

Brideshead Revisited
is the film adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s critically acclaimed novel of forbidden love, family, religion, class systems, and love triangles which is always exciting. The story is set in a pre-WWII era in England; evident through the excellent wardrobe styling and the language of the film. I am a big fan of period pieces [except those starring Keira Knightly], and this film was no exception. The film stars
Matthew Goode (Match Point, Watchmen) as the endearing and handsome painter Charles Ryder. Charles early on becomes the entranced by the allure of the Marchmain family of Brideshead. His entrance into thi new world comes in the form of Sebastian Flyte (Ben Whishaw; I'm Not There), a flamboyant young man with an alcohol addiction. Things become much more complicated when Charles becomes enamored with Sebastian's sophisticated older sister Julia (Hayley Atwell; Mansfield Park, The Duchess). The film does a good job at portraying all of the main characters in an in equal light; you'll find yourself loving and hating all of the main characters at different points in the film. While it is clear that Charles Ryder is the protagonist, you may find that his intentions aren't always as noble as you would expect. Religion plays a large part in the film and was a a major source of anxiety for the characters. On a side note, the costumes were amazing, such a point of inspiration that i will be drawing from for my fall wardrobe.

For fans of: Pride & Prejudice, Becoming Jane, Marie Antoinette.

The Visitor
is a film by filmmaker Tom McCarthy (The Station Agent) which tackles the current issue of illegal immigration in the United States. The film's lead is
Richard Jenkins (Six Feet Under) who plays a widowed college professor named Walter Vale who is sent to NYU to present a paper he 'co-authored'. Upon his arrival to New York City, he discovers a young immigrant couple, Tarek & Zainab, living in his apartment. Not wanting to throw them out, he offers for them to remain living there, a gesture of kindness that benefited both parties involved. A friendship soon develops between Vale and Tarek (Haaz Sleiman; 24), with Tarek teaching Vale how to play the african drum. Drama ensues when Tarek is arrested over a misunderstanding and placed in an immigration facility. It's up to Vale to, for lack of a better word, come to the rescue of Tarek. Tarek's mother Mouna (Hiam Abbass; The Nativity Story), worried for the well-being of her son, arrives in New York to lend some form of assistance, but subsequently establishing herself as a love interest of Vale. Tom McCarthy enables the audience to see the immigration issue through a different lens, through the eyes of the people directly involved. It's a heartwarming story of rediscovering the joy in life, and learning how to love after loss. The film was an amazing portrayal of how difficult lives are for many living illegally in this country. The constant fear that at any point in time, someone could turn them in, or that they could find themselves in a situation when the truth comes to the surface. The film had an even amount of humor and drama; such a balance kept it from seeming too contrived.

For fans of: Crash, Reign Over Me.

In Henry Poole Is Here, Luke Wilson (The Royal Tenenbaums, Rushmore) plays the title character Henry Poole, a man who leaves his wife and previous life behind to return his childhood neighborhood upon the news he has a terminal illness. He assumes the life of a hermit, thinking he can escape the world, however that is easier said than done. When a prying next door neighbor named Esperanza (
Adriana Barraza; Babel) discovers mr. Poole has an image of Christ in the stucco siding of his home, the bubble that he's been living in for so long is suddenly burst. When miracles begin happening to those who have laid their hands on the wall, Henry finds that he has his very own 'jesus in the toast' situation. Being a man who retreated to this neighborhood to wallow in his hopelessness, the idea of miracles and hope trouble him, and he reacts with aggression and adverseness to the whole thing. Next door, Henry's subsequent love interest in the film, Dawn (Radha Mitchell; Feast of Love, Finding Neverland) and her daughter Millie (Morgan Lily) help Henry to rediscover the life he's missing out on, and to garner a new sense of hope. The film has it's funny points, especially when we're introduced to the crazy cast of characters who come to visit Henry's Holy Wall. Overall, i feel the film was entertaining, but i didn't personally enjoy it too much, seemed like the writers could have gone much further with this.

For fans of: Saved!, Punch-Drunk Love.

XXY, the tag line can tell more than i can... "Our sex makes us men or women... or both." The film is centered around 15 year old Alex (
Inés Efron) who is a hermaphrodite forced to hide her birth defect. As many of us know and understand, adolescence is a difficult time; discovering who we are and who we want to be, both socially and sexually. Alex passes as a tomboyish girl in a small fishing village in Uruguay, where her Argentine parents, Kraken (Ricardo Darinand) Suli (Valeria Bertuccelli) have escaped the cruel opinions and gossip they encountered in their native Buenos Aires, where Alex was born. Life is pretty stable until the day Alex punches and breaks the nose of her bestfriend Vando (Luciano Nobile). With Suli worried for her child's safety & well-being, she invites her surgeon friend Ramiro (German Palacios) and his family over for a visit. Suli thinks it best if Ramiro were to operate on Alex, but Kraken thinks it better to leave that decision up to Alex. Alex is soon forced to confront her sexuality when she discovers her love for Ramiro's son Alvaro (Martin Piroyansky), who also slowly develops a bit of a crush on Alex. There attractions culminate into a sexual encounter i'm sure will shock and awe, but is tastefully presented. The story is one of beautiful innocence which leaves us truly feeling for Alex and her family. Here i must note, this is a spanish language film; english subtitles.

For fans of: Boys Don't Cry.

Boy A
(the film adaptation of the novel by Jonathan Trigell
) is a story of a young man, Jack (Andrew Garfield; Lions For Lambs, The Other Boleyn Girl), who was newly released from prison for a murder he participated in as a child. As Jack attempts to reclaim the life that he for so long missed out on, he struggles with the memory of his past, and is inability to be honest with those around him who cares the most for. Peter Mullan (Children of Men, Trainspotting) plays Terry, Jack's uncle and mentor, who is forced to not only be a father to Jack, but to his estranged son Steve (Anthony Lewis; Torchwood) reenters his life. Jack's past soon catches up to him when his face appears in a local newspaper for saving the life of a young girl in a car accident. The events that occur leave Jack with no one to turn to, he loses his friends, his girlfriend Michelle (Katie Lyons; Green Wing), and his job. The world he knows soon becomes that of a media firestorm with no way of quelling the flames. The film reveals Jack's childhood in bits presented as flashbacks; his mother's struggle with cancer, his close friendship with a young boy named Phillip, and of course the crime they committed. The film does a good job at showing Eric/Jack's loss of innocence, his evident remorse for his actions, and his desire to just return to a normal life. I felt for Jack's character from beginning to end. This was an excellent film, and a definite must-see for anyone who is looking for a well-written drama.

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