Snapshot: I'll Cook You Up Something Good

Mo†her Mons†er

[pic via Gaga Daily]

One Love Challenge: Week 7 -- My Black Is Beautiful

[photo via Saddi Khali]

Instead of a challenge this week, I will allow images to do the speaking.

Photographer Saddi Khali deserves a big hug and pat on the back for his series of photos which depict the black community in a non-exploitative manner. His shots present bodies of black people (primarily women) as unapologetic, prideful, beautiful, unashamed works of art. His main series, Pieces of Peace seek to redefine the black identity, and to promote what he calls culturally competent images of black individuals. I invite you to scope out his photography; regardless of your own race, there is a lesson of self-image embedded for all... there was one for me at least.

If this strikes a chord with you,
I encourage you to share your testimony in the comments section.

[sidenote: thanks to Feministing for bringing this artist to my attention]

Snapshot: Gaga for the Lady

Mo†her Mons†er
Vanity Fair (Sep 2010)

You Look Like a Playground to Me...

Sex Karma - Of Montreal (feat. Solange)

Of Montreal took the stage last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon... they enlisted the help of my angel, Solange, for the song 'Sex Karma.' I am not fan of Of Montreal, but this song makes me want to get familiar. I love that line, you look like a playground to me; I'll just say that this is so true for me, and leave it there... don't wanna get in any trouble, lol. Check out the performance in case you weren't up last night, or missed it.

[sidenote: 50 Cent was also on that episode; it's crazy how quickly he regained all that muscle mass]

Snapshot: Light Me Up... or I'm Not Friend

Light Me Up - The Pretty Reckless

This is so dope; I love it... however, I feel slightly hypocritical for having criticized Lil' Wayne's Carter III album art; different sociological images, yet both are bad uses of children. Light Me Up drops in the UK Aug30, and in the US Aug31... can't say I'm excited, but I am looking forward to it.

Video: Miss Nothing - The Pretty Reckless

Miss Nothing - The Pretty Reckless

Taylor Momsen is on my radar, and has been since the inception of Gossip Girl three years ago. Her band The Pretty Reckless is taking its time to grow on me, but I respect the music she makes; it's moody, it's in your face, and it's unapologetic. The band recently released a video for their second single, 'Miss Nothing,' and it has created quite a stir amongst critics. Taylor having only just turned 17 (Jul26), many perceive her performance in this video, just as they perceive her style, as much too racy. Personally, I could care less about age-appropriateness, esp after the age of 14... but that's neither here nor there. The video is above; I actually really like it, the whole zombie crawling thing is pretty crazy... in a good way. So now, press play, and then replay, and then one more time just for good measure... Enjoy!

[sidenote: the band's video for their first single 'Make Me Wanna Die' can be found here]

The Power of Style

DC Fashion Week s/s 2010
September 20-26

While it may not be NYFW, it certainly makes it's mark as a viable and legitimate stage for international designs. I've been only once before, and I can say in all honesty that it was an amazing experience. Tickets to the International Couture Collections show are available now; and while the other events are invitation only, a bit of clever sleuthing and/or networking could possibly result in a spot on the guest list... See you there!

[sidenote: a friend of mine, and budding fashion writer, has a new site, check it out -- Chanel Files]

Red, White, and View

President Barack Obama visits the ladies of The View for an unprecedented daytime tv moment; in other words, he's the first sitting president to appear on a daytime talk-show. The man himself discusses issues ranging from his administration's accomplishments, jobs, the economy, the Gulf oil spill and family life inside the White House; if you're curious about what he's listening to, well they cover that too. Obama has got to be the coolest president we've had since JFK (no offense Bill Clinton, but you weren't that cool); he comes off very average joe during his interview, something which we as a nation seem to need from a president, especially now. Take a moment, grab your morning coffee, and engage yourself in Barack Obama and the ladies of The View... yup, even Barbara, or did you forget she was the fifth member, lol.

[sidenote: as Hulu only posts the five most recent episodes, I apologize in advance if this video expires; I'll try to find a more permanent embed code... see, I always got your backs, lol]


Beyonce isn't the Only Knowles with Talent...

[photo via Solange's Damn Blog]

This post isn't so much an introduction to Solange, because I don't have time for that; plain and simple. Rather, this is a post for the already established fans, and those who independently seek to get familiar with the Sol'Angel that is Solange Piaget Knowles. With that said, while combing through google articles and wikipedia for any clue as to when new music from my indie-darling would be released, I was pleasantly surprised to discover three unreleased tracks. 'An Ode to Julez (Calendar),' 'Under Construction,' 'Momma Loves Baby' are each unique songs unto themselves. The first is a track in honor of her son to whom she holds as her greatest unplanned blessing; it's a beautiful song about the emotions she went through when she discovered she was pregnant. The second, which won't be on the new album, but was posted on her blog, is, from what I can tell, about an individual needing emotional rennovations [/crazy-run-on-sentence]. The third, which was made for the Mother's Day Episode of Yo Gabba Gabba!, is just a fun, short track; worth the listen. I can't wait for a new album from this chick, it's been two years, I miss you.

An Ode to Julez (Calendar)

Under Construction

Momma Loves Baby

eta: Just found a new track titled 'Whipped'... as with the new Lauryn Hill track, I'm taking this with a grain of salt, but if it's any indication of her new album, I'm kind of underwhelmed... it's too generic R&B for my tastes.


[sidenote: other unreleased tracks include Stillness Is The Move (Dirty Projectors cover), Viva La Vida (Coldplay cover), and F-ck The Industry (Signed Sincerely) & it's Remix which features Wale]

Beyonce Stanning in 3... 2... 1...

Sweet Dreams (live) — Beyonce

This is one of my favorite Beyonce live performances; 'Sweet Dreams,' with its heavy beats and explosive energy, is reimagined in this slowed down, ballad version for Beyonce's "I Am... Yours" Tour (the Vegas shows at least). I'm not ashamed to admit that I am a mega-stan of the Queen B; she's my queen-diva-supreme and a big inspiration for me. Her vocal styles can go from club hit bangers, to angelic melodies that resonate in the mind and heart long after the final note (case-in-point, the above video). Take in the magic that is Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter, and get swept up into her 'Sweet Dreams' (hope that doesn't sound too corny, lol)... God I Love Beyonce!

Snapshot: Alexander McQueen f/w10

Multi-Buckle Ski Boots, $1,499
[Available Here]


Snapshot: Lanvin f/w10

Python wedge boots, $2,660
[pic via The Cut]

What You Got in that Bag?

Cassie Diptych, originally uploaded by J Trav.

Photographer Jason Travis photographs strangers, and the junk they're toting around in their bags. They say a picture's worth a million words; the same can be applied to one's junk. It's as if life stories are being told, preconceptions being challenged, and voyeuristic playcating all at once with just two simple photos. I highly recommend browsing through his set Persona, if even just to be nozy, because it's well worth it. For those on flickr, add him as a contact, for those not on flickr, get on it, and follow him...

[sidenote: check out my own Flickr photostream here]

Snapshot: I Want Your Leather Studded Kisses in the Sand

Mo†her Mons†er

[pic via Gaga Daily]

Snapshot: Mr & Mrs Smith

[photo via Jak & Jil Blog]

Tardy to the Party

Frank - Amy Winehouse

Frank is such a great album, OMG. Back to Black was when I fell in love with Amy Winehouse; beyond 'F-ck Me Pumps', Frank was simply an EP. I know, I know; this album's been out for years (almost a decade ago if you want to be specific)... but I'm just getting into it. Thanks to a close friend of mine, I have seen the error of my ways, I have seen the light, I have been baptized by the sweet sounds of Frank. So, as this is a blog about things I find quite fascinating, I took the liberty [and the time, oh GOD the time, lol, not really] to post her entire album, courtesy of YouTube, lol... Enjoy!

Check it out after the jump...

[sidenote: Amy's new album is expected Jan 2011, and be on the lookout for Amy Winehouse and The Roots drummer ?uestlove's still unnamed super-group; don't believe me... click here]


Snapshot: Brb... Queefing With Joy

Shaun Ross re-tweeted me.

[sidenote: Follow Him... duh]

Snapshot: Mama Lion and Her Cubs

Angelina Jolie with her children (from l-r) Maddox, Zahara, Pax, and Shiloh


[photo via
The Cut]

Shaun Ross... It's all Been Said and Done

Shaun Ross x Style Like U

Shaun Ross is no one new... but if you don't know of him, get familiar with this enigmatic male model. I would like to say a lot about this young man—his career, his Albinism, his upbringing, his inspirations—but instead, I'll quote Style Like U; there's sounds cleaner anyway, lol.
I think I will go with my favorite line that has been thrown at Shaun and try to pretend that the others were not said, which is, “oh my god he is everything!” Though he has had to suffer immensely for having Albinism, yet another sad embarrassement of the ignorance and fear of the egos of mankind, he, and others of any monority are here to bring us face to face with our ignorance and thus, evoke reactions that offer up some wisdom and give hope for some evolution of thinking, like this one. I have a personal identification with Shaun’s immunity to how people stare at him, because I have a gay son, who doesn’t see the homophobic glares coming at him from everywhere, but I do (let’s just say, he is my teacher in how he rises above, like Shaun does.) Shaun has a very supportive mom, “my mother always kept me going.” I looove how Shaun makes his rare and very defining characteristics a look that can only be his own. He is the antidote to the all too common bland homogeneity, with his Warhol shades, uber minimal use of black and clean lines and the touches of haute hip hop, like his RAD Chris Habana hat. With the way Shaun embraces his differences, he opens eyes and elevates consciousness.
[sidenote: If you don't already follow Style Like U, then get up on it... like, now]

Snapshot: Magdalena is 'Numéro' 1

Magdalena Frackowiak, Numéro #115
[shot by: Greg Kadel; styled by: Brian Molloy]

Leather is the focus in this sexy editoral for the August issue of Numéro. Magdalena F delivers as she does always with editorial; it only becomes better with the styling by Brian Molloy and direction of Greg Kadel. I feel kind of ridiculous admitting this now, but I didn't used to like Magda... I thought her jaw was more Disney's Robots than French Vogue. Since the s/s 2010 shows, I've fallen in love with her, and can't really see why anyone wouldn't love her... this is one bad _____.

Complete editorial after the jump...

[photos via Fashion Gone Rogue]

Snapshot: Free Lindsay!!!

Lindsay Lohan, Karl Lagerfeld, Gwenyth Paltrow, Anna Wintour

In honor of the Free Lindsay rally going on in NYC today...
I love and support you LiLo, always and forever.


You've Got (Fe)Male

Hélène Desmettre - Blonde - Blue - 5'8.5 - IMM Bruxelles
full name, hair, eyes, height, agency

MDC Model of the Week Hélène D hails from Lille, France. When she was scouted, she took it as a joke; only those features are certainly no laughing matter... I see Jil Sander written all over her. She reminds me alot of Tanya D, mainly because of those doe eyes and forehead. I'm excited to see what kind of work this young lady gets, she has a lot of potential there.

More shots after the jump...

You've Got Male...

Lucas - Black - Brown - 6'2 - Boss Model Management
full name, hair, eyes, height, agency

Look who popped up on COACD today... umm, swoon!

More shots after the jump...


Video: Hang With Me - Robyn

Hang With Me - Robyn

I've said a lot about Robyn since the start of this blog over a month or so ago, so I feel it a bit redundant to go into it again. In short, this is the video for her first single off Body Talk Pt 2 which is due stateside on September 7. So stop wasting time, press play, sit back, and catch Robyn fever, if only for a few minutes [but the hope is that you will fall in love as well, lol]... Enjoy!

[sidenote: Robyn is currently on tour with Kelis, click here for dates/venues]

Guess Who's Back... Maybe

Repercussions - Lauryn Hill

The verdict is still out as to exactly how "new" this Lauryn Hill track is that surfaced on YouTube this past weekend; it could be a track left off of The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, or a 2010 comeback single, who knows. What I do know for sure, is that I'm glad to hear this angel's voice, and am anxious to see her take the stage at this year's Rock the Bells [DC attendees let me here you scream]. As has been the case in the past with "new" Lauryn Hill tracks, they've been nothing more than throw-a-ways and b-sides; by the sound of this song, and the lyrics [ironic how they speak to her current career predicament], this could very well be yet another disappointment. But whatever, speculation is for the birds, and I'm going to just put this on repeat until I'm tired of it, and even then, I'll play it a few more times, lol.

Snapshot: Matthew Gray Gubler

[photo via Terry Richardson's Diary]


Matthew Gray Gubler

Video: Big N Bad - Kid Sister

Big N Bad - Kid Sister

Kid Sister is such a refreshing female voice in the world of hip-hop, and it's a shame that she's not Nicki Minaj status, because the chick is a true original. Her debut album Ultraviolet (streaming here in full) is a non-stop party with some mellowed out tracks here and there. The best way I can describe her is if Eve's sound got shocked with about 1000 volts of electricity. Above is the video to Big N Bad, a track from Ultraviolet... it's fun, it's summer, it's Kid Sister... Enjoy!

[sidenote: If you haven't gotten into this chick, then get familiar: Kid Sister on Myspace]

Snapshot: Giorgio Armani f/w10 Campaign

Giorgio Armani f/w 2010 Campaign
[model: Edita Vilkeviciute; shot by: Mert & Marcus]

I could comment, but really, Edita just looks gorgeous. I'm a proud fan of the beauty; her look is strong without being intimidating. I would have liked to see a more mature looking model in this campaign, but M&M did a fantastic job nonetheless of retaining the power that was exuded in Armani's f/w10 collection.

Complete campaign after the jump...

[pics via Fashion Gone Rogue]

Snapshot: Chasing the Dream

[photo via We Live Young]

[sidenote: WLY is an awesome photo diary; definitely worth checking out if you seek inspiration]


There's No Such Thing as Fashion in Switzerland

Yvan Rodick x Style Like U

FINALLY, Yvan Rodick, my undercover lover, gets featured on StyleLikeU... I'm not gonna say anymore... I want you to just press play, watch, get informed... and I'll go back to swooning.

[sidenote: this shouldn't need to be said, but if you're unfamiliar with Yvan,
click here]

One Love Challenge: Week 6

The Challenge: Pat yourself on the back; you're well deserving of all the good energies that come your way.

Since I never actually explained the purpose of these One Week Challenges, I'll take that moment now. I will be the first to admit that I have low self-esteem; I spend everyday of my life constantly wishing I didn't look like this, sound like that, walk this way, eat that way, etc. This summer I made it my goal to break free of my self-deprecating shackles, and I can say with confidence that a change has occurred, and continues to propel me into a space where I can say with confidence that I love the person I am. So to help myself along with this, I've invited others to join me. As I live my life, I pick up lessons along the way, and at the end of the week, I reflect on what was learned; this reflection is the One Week Challenge. I don't post my own testimonials because it is my experience that has inspired the challenge (i.e. my fulfillment of the challenge is implied, lol). This past week, all of this stuff came to a momentous head; I actually felt inspired to share with others my new found love of self. Like any other person in my generation, I took to facebook, posted a status, and got a lot of positive, reinforcing feeback. Of all the love I received, one friend's message stuck out. The letter he wrote is personal, so I won't share it, but his message will be the quote that's attached to this challenge. It's not conceited to love yourself, nor to revel in such self-love; so pat yourself on the back, you're well-deserving of all the good energies that come your way.

"You must BE your self to love your self, and that the more you are in line with this and the truer you are to your self the stronger that love will be... it is also then necessary to "LOVE yourself to be yourself; the more you love the more you will be." ~N.Marzahl

Don't forget to share your testimonials in the comment section.

I've Got You On My Radar...

August 1, the T by Alexander Wang f/w10 collection go on sale online,
and these are my picks:

Poly-rayon, leather-trim PJ onesie, $198
Poly-rayon spandex fitted sweatpants, $113
Cotton-poly hooded poncho with zip, $245

Stills after the jump...

[sidenote: insert here my love for AWang's androgynous aesthetic]

Snapshot: Let's Have Conversations With Our Bodies

Cover art for Robyn's upcoming album, Body Talk, Pt 2


Snapshot: Us Against the World

Zoe Kravitz + Lenny Kravitz

For those that don't know, which would be anyone reading this that doesn't know me personally, I'm a big fan of Zoe Kravitz. Her style, her music, her acting, her vibe; I'm in love with her. Zoe, if you're reading this, I want to take you out... coffee in central park, followed by a visit to MoMa, swing on over to the Bowery for a concert, and end then end the night with ice cream, cigarettes, and a view of the Brooklyn bridge. [/fantasydate]

music: Flowers for Zoe - Lenny Kravitz

How to Make a Daft Punk Helmet... Say What?!?!

I'm screaming with excitement right now; this is probably the dopest DIY project I have seen in a long while. This is a near-spot on replica of one of the French DJ duo's helmets [actual helmet]. Self-proclaimed dork, Harrison Krix worked on the helmet over the course of 17 months... SEVENTEEN MONTHS!!! Don't fret, he condensced his proflic project, all of which is chronicled on his blog, into a convenient three minute YouTube video, lol...

I'm going to attempt this project; I'll for sure need to enlist the help of my more tech-savvy mates, but I'll post progress along the way (if I do actually go forward with this)


Snapshot: Native Son

[pic via D'arby Rose]

His name is Liam, he lives in NYC, he has a sick tattoo.

[sidenote: to avoid any criticism, Native Son
is actually a novel by Richard Wright
(someone I note as my role-model) about a young black man living in a Chicago ghetto
during the 1930s; I just felt the title sounded cool with the pic, lol]

NylonTV + The Pretty Reckless

NylonTV + The Pretty Reckless

I love Taylor Momsen, and I love Gossip Girl, but I just wish she hadn't landed herself on the tv series before her music career got off the ground. Jenny Humphrey's earlier, pretty little brooklynite desiring a life on the UES image has worked against Taylor in terms of carving an identity all her own. To me, it just seems as if she's trying way to hard most times to disassociate herself from Little J; I"m not dissing, just think she was disenfranchised a bit. That aside, Nylon sat down with the actress/singer and her band The Pretty Reckless to discuss their sound, origins, and the new album... From the tracks I've heard so far from this band, I like, anxious to hear the completed album.

Snapshot: Hot Hot Summer

I'm gonna need to make my way to a pool at some point sometime soon...
I can't swim, but other than it being hot as my middle school physical science teacher's breath,
I want to photograph people, lol.

music: Tell Me (Clock Opera Remix) - Au Revoir Simone

[pic via



Snapshot: A Fish Called Wanda

Theophilus London
[via @

music: Meditation - Warrior King

It's Major Lazer BayBay!!!

Lazers Never Die - Major Lazer

The crazy insane musical duo Major Lazer (made up of DJs Switch & Diplo) brings us this high energy EP, Lazers Never Die, streaming in full, and for free on their Myspace.. pardon the run-on, lol... Enjoy!

[sidenote: For those unfamiliar with ML, here's a clue—Major Lazer is a fictional cartoon character, who (according to press releases) fought as a Jamaican commando who lost his arm in a secret zombie war in 1984. He fights vampires and various monsters, parties hard, and has a rocket-powered hoverboard... think that's crazy; just watch footage of their live shows, they're GNARLY!]

Virgin Mobile Free-Fest Line-Up Announced!!!

Virgin Mobile Free-Festival
September 25

Thievery Corporation
LCD Soundsystem
Joan Jett
Matt and Kim
Jimmy Eat World
The Temper Trap
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
Sleigh Bells
Neon Indian
Die Antwoord

I believe I've found the cure to my Coachella Withdrawls, lol.

Who's Jackson Rathbone? Oh, THAT GUY!

Jackson Rathbone x NylonTV

The Last Airbender star chats it up with Nylon Magazine about his tattoos, acting, and his desire to be Willy Wonka; and might I just say, he so wasn't this hot in that movie.

eta: I'm just realizing he's a part of the Twilight cast... dunno how I feel about that.

[sidenote: oh yah, he has a band too... 100 Monkeys]

Hello, my name is Daje Barbour

Daje Barbour - Brown - Hazel - 186cm / 6'1 - Chicaco - Ford Models Chicago
full name, hair, eyes, height, hometown, agency

This one popped up on MDC's New Faces yesterday, and I can't help but be drawn to those AMAZING hazel eyes of his. His profile says he was scouted during a recent college orientation day; he's to be studying Information Technology... whoever scouted him needs a pat on the back, these good looks won't be wasted. His face is very editorial ready, his thin frame is very runway ready for the likes of Lanvin or Rick Owens. Hopefully he breaks out of the small confines of Chicago to enter the international markets, and soon. Daje is now on my radar; GOSH I LOVE THOSE EYES!

Check out more of his portfolio after the jump...

Snapshot: Lindsay Lohan Does Complex

Lindsay Lohan x Complex
(Aug/Sep 2010)

It would appear that German GQ isn't the only mag fourtunate to have scored facetime with mademoiselle Lohan before all this media-blitz surrounding her prison sentence began. Complex's Aug/Sept issue collabed with KAWS to produce the graphic elements. The interview itself is really funny, LL doesn't hold back, and it's one of the more real interviews I've read from her in a while. Here's a ditty— (on KStew's recent Elle cover story where she says LL is "off the rails") "Because her joyless ass was cast in a bullshit tweengasm movie, and thus other people's lives ARE HER BUSINESS." [Ouch... her words, not mine, lol]

This being Lindsay, however, there were some hiccups in getting this piece together as Complex notes at the end of the story (words which echo the sentiments of many of us, her ride-or-die fans):
So here we are. As we go to press, it's late June—more than a month since we shot these pictures—and we still haven't gotten our interview. Emails have gone unanswered; the same for voicemails we left with her mom, Dina. The photographers' agent, who's known Lindsay for a long time, admitted to us that he hasn't had contact with her for weeks. When you don't have a publicist and your personal assistant resigns, it's a lot easier to disappear. Look, Lindsay: hard as this is to believe, we get it. And when you're up on the tightrope, and the wind is whipping around you, and the whole world is waiting—fucking salivating—for you to fall, shit can feel cold. What makes it worse is that you've been fucked by everyone you were supposed to trust, everyone who told you they cared about you and had your best interests in mind. It's you against the world right now; We'd disappear, too. But know this: whenever you're ready, we're ready. And we haven't given up on you. So yeah, world, we got that white girl. But don't think you, or anyone, are gonna get more than she gives you. Ever.
Complete editorial after the jump...

[sidenote: click here for LL's GQ Germany cover/editorial/behind-the-scenes video]


Video: Les enfants en action.

Les enfants en action., originally uploaded by QuiteFascinating.

[sidenote: Head on over to my Flickr for more pics + videos from my day-trip]

Video: N Train.

N Train., originally uploaded by QuiteFascinating.

After the Raphael Saadiq concert in Central Park (photos of which can be found here), my friend Esther and I played audience to this subway performer; check out his mad P&L style.

Snapshot: Pretty Lights


music: Brave - Kelis

[photo via
Yvan Rodick]

Okay Everyone, Gird Your Loins...

Barney's Warehouse Sale

There are no words needed; if you're in SF, LA, or NYC you should be well acquainted with this event, and already have time blocked off in your Moleskine organizers.

I missed this last year, and am still upset over it; but circumstances are VERY different this time around. Oh the markdowns, they please me.

[sidenote: click here for the BWS official site]

Snapshot: Kenneth Sharpless

Kenneth Sharpless
Remember the name, more on this man in the coming weeks.

music: Simple As - KiD CuDi

Snapshot: Lindsay Lohan, Der Volltreffer

Lindsay Lohan — GQ Germany (Aug10)

I have been a fan since day one, and will continue to be; I support you LL, stay strong. For those that don't know she's on her way to prison, well, she is, and GQ Germany is super lucky to have scored a cover + interview with her before her asking price shoots through the roof.

Complete editorial after the jump...

[photos via
Lindsay Lohan Source]




So I've moved to a new residence, and I'd like to bring you all along with me. This is a permanent move [unlike Tumblr] so I don't want to leave anyone left behind... oh, and it also wouldn't hurt to pick up some new followers as well, lol.

This is a goodbye to this blog [though my archives will still be at your disposal], and a hello [or rather a here's what you missed; new blog launched back in June, lol] to my new blog, Quite Fascinating



Snapshot: Reading Material

[photo taken by me, lol]

No posts today, or One Love Challenge, but since I finally got my Olympus e-p1 -- yeah, I know the pen 3 is coming out soon, but I've lusted for this camera for about two years, so take that -- QFascinating on Flickr is up-and-running... click here to check out my trip to Union Station today.

[sidenote: a stream of my most recent photos is over there in the right column... see, lol --->]


Video: All Summer - Converse Music Project

All Summer - Bethany Cosentino, KiD CuDi, and Rostam Batmanglij

Here it is folks, the video to Converse's second forray into music. I still don't like the track, but the video really makes me want to like it. I want a KiD CuDi head, lol.

Download the track here.

[sidenote: check out Converse's artist profiles on Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast,
KiD CuDi, and Rostam Batmanglij of Vampire Weekend, in case you missed them]

Snapshot: Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron

“We don't go through life with it all being smooth sailing. We all understand situations where you know it's swim or drown. It's a choice you have to make,
and sometimes we surprise ourselves, when we actually make that choice and start swimming, with how well we can do it.”

[photo via Noir Facade]

Comfort Talk for Gender Questioning Teens

Ten minutes worth of very useful information for those who have ever questioned their gender, are interested in the topic of gender, or who want to have their preconceptions about gender identity challenged... you have the right to information... Evolve.

[sidenote: for other videos on the subject, check out the above's YouTube channel:


Music Monday... Only, It's Tuesday

Crazy For You - Best Coast

Crazy For You, the debut album from indie darlings Best Coast, is streaming in full, for free, now over at Urban Outfitters; yes, a full two weeks before it's Jul 27th release date.
Enough words, go listen... Enjoy!

[sidenote: Check out the video for the duo's single Sun Was High (So Was I), click here]

Snapshot: Mo†her Mons†er

[via @LadyGaga]

"I want women -- and men -- to feel empowered by a
deeper and more psychotic part of themselves.
The part they're always trying desperately to hide.
I want that to become something that they cherish."

-Lady Gaga [duh]


Video: Dancing On My Own - Robyn

Dancing On My Own - Robyn

Can't wait to see her live Aug2; and yah, this is me gloating, lol.

[sidenote: Robyn's going on tour with Kelis; click here for dates/venues]

The 'Portrait' of [a] Man

Portrait: Kris Van Assche
[dir. Joost Vandebrug]

Vogue Italia offers us this wonderful video portrait of Dior Homme designer Kris Van Assche during the label's Paris fashion week show. This video embodies what I believe masculinity to be; the video effects, the soundtrack, and the commentary/sound bites provided by the designer all come together to be a true portrait of man, and the man. Dior Homme is one of my favorites for menswear, among Raf Simons, Tom Ford, and Lanvin; press play and get familiar with the designer.

[sidenote: WWMD? (What Would Madonna Do?) lol]

Snapshot: Relax... and Light Me Up

Stephan R for CLIENT Magazine
[shot by Sam Scott Schiavo]

[photo via


Snapshot: The Lady in the Window

Lady Gaga
Nicola Formichetti's Blog]

music: Fooled Me Again (Honest Eyes) - Lady Gaga

One Love Challenge: Week 5

The Challenge: Don't be afraid to ask for help, to open up, to break-free of your own self-imposed emotional prison sentence; you never know who may hold the keys to the healing you need and deserve.

So, during my Fourth of July, the post-fireworks time was spent on the phone with a friend bawling my eyes out and rehashing/going over the mounds of emotional baggage I've accumulated over the years, and never really took the time to organize and purge away. True none of us can ever ruun from our pasts, they are a part of us and the basis for who we are. We can't ignore them either; trust me, I would know, I've become a pro at it up till now. I've enabled myself to avoid talking about the things I was feeling for such a long time, kept my guard up as to prevent any unwanted peeks into my personal life. Thanks to said friend that spent his night listening to me talk, in a shroom-induced rant to say the least, I was able to, for the first time, take an objective look at my life, and where I am/want to be. I'm not a religious individual, I prefer to believe that life is what we make it, free of some grander being that makes decisions for us; fate, I believe in to an extent, but not that it is unchangeable. I'm saying this to preface the quote used for this week, as well as the overall challenge: Don't be afraid to ask for help, to open up, to break-free of your own self-imposed emotional prison sentence; you never know who may hold the keys to the healing you need and deserve.

"Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one's weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart." ~Mahatma Gandhi

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Alexis Mabille Haute Couture (f/w10)

[photos via RunwayM]

This is how you do couture; Alexis Mabille delivers with a collection that is just downright amazing. The pieces are so delicate and feminine, yet give off a certain attitude that's far from innocent lolita. Much like Givenchy with the pairing down of looks, this 15 piece collection blows many of the 25+ piece collections out of the water.

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Snapshot: Zazie Fait De La Bicyclette

On the Street...Heat Wave, New York City
[via The Sartorialist]

Snapshot: You Remind Me of Someone...

Chris M, 17YO Art School Student from SoCal
[pic via Chris' Lookbook]

As of late, I have been seriously stressing over which direction to take my style in for fall; this photo is like a roadsign for me in a way, if that makes any sense, lol. If not, check out this runway video of Junya Watanabe's f/w 2010 collection.

Snapshot: Jazz in the Park

Nadia via her blog, FrouFrouu
(details: dress, H&M; scarf, eBay; sunnies, Topshop)

music: My Heart Belongs to Daddy - Eartha Kitt


I Heart The 80s

> Timex 80 <

Timex invites us into their Hot-Tub Time Machine to relive or, as in my case, get educated on the fast-times that were the 80s. True the site's purpose is to showcase the new customizable line of watches from Timex, the site also offers a bevy of free games and music in their Enjoy 80 section which will bring up fuzzy feelings of days past. Enjoy!

On Aura Tout Vu Haute Couture (f/w10)

[photos via RunwayM]

While this may be an incredibly tacky, tasteless collection (sorry to knock art like that), On Aura Tout Vu is one of the most conceptual and out of the box collections of the entire season. It's like that one uncle that makes ordinarily boring family events 10x better as soon as he gets a drink in his hand. My favorite look: the fishscale dress with the pufferfish clutch, lol.

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