One Love Challenge: Week 7 -- My Black Is Beautiful

[photo via Saddi Khali]

Instead of a challenge this week, I will allow images to do the speaking.

Photographer Saddi Khali deserves a big hug and pat on the back for his series of photos which depict the black community in a non-exploitative manner. His shots present bodies of black people (primarily women) as unapologetic, prideful, beautiful, unashamed works of art. His main series, Pieces of Peace seek to redefine the black identity, and to promote what he calls culturally competent images of black individuals. I invite you to scope out his photography; regardless of your own race, there is a lesson of self-image embedded for all... there was one for me at least.

If this strikes a chord with you,
I encourage you to share your testimony in the comments section.

[sidenote: thanks to Feministing for bringing this artist to my attention]

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