One Love Challenge: Week 6

The Challenge: Pat yourself on the back; you're well deserving of all the good energies that come your way.

Since I never actually explained the purpose of these One Week Challenges, I'll take that moment now. I will be the first to admit that I have low self-esteem; I spend everyday of my life constantly wishing I didn't look like this, sound like that, walk this way, eat that way, etc. This summer I made it my goal to break free of my self-deprecating shackles, and I can say with confidence that a change has occurred, and continues to propel me into a space where I can say with confidence that I love the person I am. So to help myself along with this, I've invited others to join me. As I live my life, I pick up lessons along the way, and at the end of the week, I reflect on what was learned; this reflection is the One Week Challenge. I don't post my own testimonials because it is my experience that has inspired the challenge (i.e. my fulfillment of the challenge is implied, lol). This past week, all of this stuff came to a momentous head; I actually felt inspired to share with others my new found love of self. Like any other person in my generation, I took to facebook, posted a status, and got a lot of positive, reinforcing feeback. Of all the love I received, one friend's message stuck out. The letter he wrote is personal, so I won't share it, but his message will be the quote that's attached to this challenge. It's not conceited to love yourself, nor to revel in such self-love; so pat yourself on the back, you're well-deserving of all the good energies that come your way.

"You must BE your self to love your self, and that the more you are in line with this and the truer you are to your self the stronger that love will be... it is also then necessary to "LOVE yourself to be yourself; the more you love the more you will be." ~N.Marzahl

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