Chanel Haute Couture (f/w10)

[photos via Style.it]

Let me start off by saying, Chanel put on an impressive show, each piece is so on-brand, and it was interesting from start to finish. With that said, a lot of what I'm reading/hearing about this collection is that it isn't true couture; it looks too much like Ready-to-Wear. While this may be true (it looking like RTW), the quality of the fabrics, and the attention to detail, and the complex craftsmanship placed into each piece sets it apart from anything else out there (making it couture). Karl Lagerfeld is one of the only remaining couturiers in the industry, and if anyone would know, Uncle Karl would; to suggest this collection is anything but, at a staggering 63 looks, is just disrespectful. Now though this wasn't my favorite of the season, that honor goes to Stephane Rolland (post is on its way), this was the best of the season so far. A+ job Uncle Karl; excited to see backstage and detail photos.

Complete collection stills after the jump...

[sidenote: for those wondering, Karl's Butt Boy Baptiste Giabiconi is the one in the lion head]

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