Shaun Ross... It's all Been Said and Done

Shaun Ross x Style Like U

Shaun Ross is no one new... but if you don't know of him, get familiar with this enigmatic male model. I would like to say a lot about this young man—his career, his Albinism, his upbringing, his inspirations—but instead, I'll quote Style Like U; there's sounds cleaner anyway, lol.
I think I will go with my favorite line that has been thrown at Shaun and try to pretend that the others were not said, which is, “oh my god he is everything!” Though he has had to suffer immensely for having Albinism, yet another sad embarrassement of the ignorance and fear of the egos of mankind, he, and others of any monority are here to bring us face to face with our ignorance and thus, evoke reactions that offer up some wisdom and give hope for some evolution of thinking, like this one. I have a personal identification with Shaun’s immunity to how people stare at him, because I have a gay son, who doesn’t see the homophobic glares coming at him from everywhere, but I do (let’s just say, he is my teacher in how he rises above, like Shaun does.) Shaun has a very supportive mom, “my mother always kept me going.” I looove how Shaun makes his rare and very defining characteristics a look that can only be his own. He is the antidote to the all too common bland homogeneity, with his Warhol shades, uber minimal use of black and clean lines and the touches of haute hip hop, like his RAD Chris Habana hat. With the way Shaun embraces his differences, he opens eyes and elevates consciousness.
[sidenote: If you don't already follow Style Like U, then get up on it... like, now]

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