Video: One Eye Open

Check out this short interview with Jak and Jil blogger/street style photographer Tommy Ton as he discusses his craft and his views on the street style phenomena. Keep an eye open for a number of famous faces including Dakota and Elle Fanning (LOVE HER), Andy Samberg, Fashion's fairy godmother Anna Dello Russo (and its evil stepmother Anna Wintour). The clip follows the photographer around the ss12 NYFW shows.

[Video via Life and Times]

Video: Diving for McQueen

Diving for McQueen

An insightful discussion between Cathy Horyn and Sarah Burton, the creative director at Alexander McQueen. Pay close attention to what is said, there are many affirming tidbits there for the aspiring creative individual (whichever form that may take). I must say, I love the way the camera pans over the ss12 looks in such a way that it feels as if one is truly Diving for McQueen.

[Video via Nowness]

Video: Les 20 Ans... avec Mika naturellement

Behind-the-Scenes of Les 20 Ans

In celebration of Christian Louboutin's 20th anniversary book, the designer has commissioned a film entitled Les 20 Ans. A musician who holds a special place in my heart, Mika, is featured as "The Joker" in this playing card inspired photoshoot. The film itself adds a glimpse into the creation of the book, as well as providing an intimate view of Monsieur Louboutin and his relationship with various individuals of merit. Click here for the film in its entirety.


BYT: India.Arie & Idan Raichel

I definitely had a transformative soul experience during India.Arie and Idan Raichel's recent performance at the Strathmore Music Hall. I was expecting a concert, but instead I was treated to a revival of the mind, heart, and soul — the two immensely talented musicians paired to reawaken the humanity of not just our country, but the world in general. Check out my BYT review of their show, and be sure to leave your comments as well. Click the image for the article.

[Photo via Blink Ofaneye/BYT]


Video: Love On Top - Beyoncé

"Love On Top" — Beyoncé

Okay Beyoncé, I love you and all... but this video just doesn't do it for me — it seemed very lazy and thrown together. Her costume changes were cute, as well as the nods to boy bands like the Temptations and New Edition, but the only wow or cool moment was the end when she calls "Cut!" and walks off. Either way, this is King B, so it's to be respected. Enjoy!

BYT: Theophilus London

I'm pretty behind on posting this, but better late than not at all. Check out my review of Theophilus London's second coming to DC, this time at a much larger space... 9:30 club. To preface my review, he put on a solid show; it just was dead energy wise within the crowd. Click the image for the review, and as always, comments are encouraged.

[Image via Rachel Eisley/BYT]

Music: N*ggas in Paris (Remix) — Jay-Z, Kanye West (feat. T.I.)

"N*ggas in Paris (Remix)" — Jay-Z + Kanye West (feat. T.I.)

Seeing as T.I. is finally out of jail, he's made one of his first re-introductions to the public on a remix to Jay-Z and Kanye's "N*ggas in Paris." I love how he begins with the line, "...how bout the crown meet the throne right here!" Enjoy.



Video: Countdown - Beyoncé

This video is a couple weeks old now, so there's nothing really breaking about it. I just love Beyoncé, and I love this video... so deal with it. I will say though, that there are only two more days until King B releases the video for "Love on Top" — I'm more excited for the "Party" video tbqh, but any Bey is good Bey. If it is new for you, however, check it out after the jump.


Video: Armani Jeans fw11

Rihanna for Armani Jeans fw11
dir. Steven Klein

I posted a few weeks back about Armani Jeans' fall campaign featuring Rihanna — I'm not a big fan of the hair, but she looks good. Well, apparently they took it a step further and created a commercial mini film-noir; it makes sense of the images, and injects both the sexy and the cuteness of Rihanna. Steven Klein directs the short.