BYT: Switch

Peep my review of Switch, aka David Taylor, bka one-half of Major Lazer's recent appearance at U Street Music Hall. The crazy talented producer didn't impress me quite as much as a DJ — his openers Harry Ransom and Scottie B showed him up a bit. Nevertheless, this is my review and it awaits your attention (and comments). As always, click the image to be forwarded to the article.


Editorial: DOGMA - Fiasco Homme issue #2

ph: Jason Wu
styled by: Sophie Ruthensteiner
models: Andrej Pejic, Evandro Soldati,
and Valeriya Melnik


Editorial: Chloë Grace Moretz - Interview Nov 11

Chloë Moretz for Interview Nov 11

Fourteen year old actress Chloë Moretz graces the cover of this month's Interview magazine looking very mature and sophisticated. Lensed by Mikael Jansson and styled by Karl Templer, the monochromatic spread is pretty damn dynamic. I add a major question mark at the inclusion of the big Black man, and here, I must repeat, BIG BLACK MAN next to her... but in all I like what I see. The accompanying article is by Drew Barrymore, a child-star of days past now accomplished director and leading lady. Just in case you missed it, also check out Chloë (alongside Miranda Cosgrove) in the Best Coast video for "Our Deal" directed by Dame Barrymore. Complete editorial after the jump.

[Images via TFS]

Photo: A Vogue Family Affair

In celebration of Japan's first ever Fashion's Night Out, all of the international Vogue editors came together for one photo — this is a pretty big deal considering this NEVER happens. It's no surprise here that the editors of the four main capitals of the fashion world are in the exact center, but what is surprising is the dowdy appearance of many of them (as if there wasn't a stylist on hand). Though she's not an editor, she's certainly the face of Vogue Nippon Japan... Anna Dello Russo's larger than life personality is sadly absent from this collection of faces.

eta: Greece and Brazil's editors Elena Makris and Daniela Falcão respectively are missing from this photo; Anna Harvey acts as a placeholder


From L to R: Yolanda Sacristan, Spain (seated); Kirstie Clements, Australia (middle); Anaita Adajania, India (back); Christiane Arp, Germany (seated); Angelica Cheung, China (standing); Franca Sozzani, Italy (seated); Mitsuko Watanabe, Japan (standing); Anna Wintour, U.S. (seated); Emmanuelle Alt, France (reclining); Alexandra Shulman, U.K. (seated); Victoria Davydova, Russia (standing); Anna Harvey, representing Brazil and Greece (seated); Seda Domanic, Turkey (seated); Myung Hee Lee, Korea (seated); Rosalie Huang, Taiwan (standing); Eva Hughes, Mexico and Latin America (standing), and Paula Mateus, Portugal (seated)

[Image via Vogue Japan]


Fashion: Cruise Controller

Lindsey Wixson for W Korea Nov 11

I am speechless at how amazing Lindsey Wixson looks in this editorial and cover for W Korea (I don't much care for the full-body cover, though). Shot by photographer Phil Poynter and styled by Mary Alice Stephenson, the Wichita native is giving me so much life — a shock to anyone who knows my disdain for this girl. Much more credit is due to the styling rather than anything Wixson is doing herself here, and it's worth mentioning that her mouth is closed (I can't get past her gap, it irks me to no end). She's every bit of woman, without looking overly sexed — she is every bit of innocent seventeen year old, without looking infantile. Continue after the jump for the alternate cover as well as the full editorial.

[Images via TFS]


Video: Carine's World

Carine Roitfeld has certainly kept herself busy in the year following her departure from the helm of Vogue Paris. The woman with all the style and grace of your favorite fashion figures, and then some, has found herself on the cover of i-D's issue no.315 ("The Dreams and Aspirations Issue" – Photographed by Terry Richardson). Quite fitting considering she is indeed living her dream and is an aspirational figure in the eyes/minds/hearts of many — myself included. Major retailer Barneys has taken it upon themselves to further celebrate their partnership with the famed editor and stylist by producing a mini-documentary of her life at present. Read on after the jump to check out the Mario Sorrenti directed short — keep an eye out for famous faces like Olivier Zahm, Rick Owens and Michele Lamy, Hamish Bowles, Alexander Wang... okay, that's enough name-droping. I must say, the party images with the karaoke singing has got to be the most darling thing I've seen in a while. Enjoy!

[Image via i-D]

...December 5th will be Amy's Day

I'm quite excited by the news that Amy Winehouse's as of now unreleased music is finally seeing the light of day in the form of a new album entitled Lioness: Hidden Treasures. Quite a fitting title considering she not only resembled a lion, but her voice carried the same raw ferocity and her inner fire was just as animalistic. Her representation was generous enough to provide the world with its track-listing, as well as brief backgrounds on each track. May December 5th, 2011 be considering Amy's Day — this album will hopefully be a musical moment of monoculture which Touré claims to no longer exist within our society.

A note from her father:
“I spent so much time chasing after Amy, telling her off that I never realized what a true genius she was. It wasn’t until I sat down with the rest of the family and listened to this album that I fully appreciated the breadth of Amy’s talent, from jazz standards to hip hop songs, it really took my breath away. “Halftime”, I’d never heard before, is just incredibly beautiful. If the family had felt that this album wasn’t up to the standard of “Frank” and “Back To Black” we would never have agreed to release it and we believe it will stand as a fitting tribute to Amy's musical legacy.” -Mitch Winehouse

eta: I'm most excited to hear her rendition of "The Girl from Ipanema" — one of my favorite songs, in all of its many forms over the years; her's is sure to be the best.


Video: One Eye Open

Check out this short interview with Jak and Jil blogger/street style photographer Tommy Ton as he discusses his craft and his views on the street style phenomena. Keep an eye open for a number of famous faces including Dakota and Elle Fanning (LOVE HER), Andy Samberg, Fashion's fairy godmother Anna Dello Russo (and its evil stepmother Anna Wintour). The clip follows the photographer around the ss12 NYFW shows.

[Video via Life and Times]

Video: Diving for McQueen

Diving for McQueen

An insightful discussion between Cathy Horyn and Sarah Burton, the creative director at Alexander McQueen. Pay close attention to what is said, there are many affirming tidbits there for the aspiring creative individual (whichever form that may take). I must say, I love the way the camera pans over the ss12 looks in such a way that it feels as if one is truly Diving for McQueen.

[Video via Nowness]

Video: Les 20 Ans... avec Mika naturellement

Behind-the-Scenes of Les 20 Ans

In celebration of Christian Louboutin's 20th anniversary book, the designer has commissioned a film entitled Les 20 Ans. A musician who holds a special place in my heart, Mika, is featured as "The Joker" in this playing card inspired photoshoot. The film itself adds a glimpse into the creation of the book, as well as providing an intimate view of Monsieur Louboutin and his relationship with various individuals of merit. Click here for the film in its entirety.


BYT: India.Arie & Idan Raichel

I definitely had a transformative soul experience during India.Arie and Idan Raichel's recent performance at the Strathmore Music Hall. I was expecting a concert, but instead I was treated to a revival of the mind, heart, and soul — the two immensely talented musicians paired to reawaken the humanity of not just our country, but the world in general. Check out my BYT review of their show, and be sure to leave your comments as well. Click the image for the article.

[Photo via Blink Ofaneye/BYT]


Video: Love On Top - Beyoncé

"Love On Top" — Beyoncé

Okay Beyoncé, I love you and all... but this video just doesn't do it for me — it seemed very lazy and thrown together. Her costume changes were cute, as well as the nods to boy bands like the Temptations and New Edition, but the only wow or cool moment was the end when she calls "Cut!" and walks off. Either way, this is King B, so it's to be respected. Enjoy!

BYT: Theophilus London

I'm pretty behind on posting this, but better late than not at all. Check out my review of Theophilus London's second coming to DC, this time at a much larger space... 9:30 club. To preface my review, he put on a solid show; it just was dead energy wise within the crowd. Click the image for the review, and as always, comments are encouraged.

[Image via Rachel Eisley/BYT]

Music: N*ggas in Paris (Remix) — Jay-Z, Kanye West (feat. T.I.)

"N*ggas in Paris (Remix)" — Jay-Z + Kanye West (feat. T.I.)

Seeing as T.I. is finally out of jail, he's made one of his first re-introductions to the public on a remix to Jay-Z and Kanye's "N*ggas in Paris." I love how he begins with the line, "...how bout the crown meet the throne right here!" Enjoy.



Video: Countdown - Beyoncé

This video is a couple weeks old now, so there's nothing really breaking about it. I just love Beyoncé, and I love this video... so deal with it. I will say though, that there are only two more days until King B releases the video for "Love on Top" — I'm more excited for the "Party" video tbqh, but any Bey is good Bey. If it is new for you, however, check it out after the jump.


Video: Armani Jeans fw11

Rihanna for Armani Jeans fw11
dir. Steven Klein

I posted a few weeks back about Armani Jeans' fall campaign featuring Rihanna — I'm not a big fan of the hair, but she looks good. Well, apparently they took it a step further and created a commercial mini film-noir; it makes sense of the images, and injects both the sexy and the cuteness of Rihanna. Steven Klein directs the short.


BYT: Bassnectar

Peep this... Lorin Ashton, bka Bassnectar came through DC, and left me feeling the bodily aches and pains days later — I happen to like the blurb BYT pulled for my article so much, I'll use it here. "The smoke, the haze, the strobes, the lasers, the stench of drugs and sweat… it gives me new life — I know I'm not alone in this, so save the shade for the summer." Now get your fine (or wannabe fine) self on over to the website (click the pic), check out my review and leave me some comment love... and there are more amazing photos from our photog Jeff like the one above.

[Photo via Jeff Martin/BYT]


BYT: Dirty Beaches

Not your average man with a guitar, Dirty Beaches put on a show which should be likened more to a silent film than a concert. As if the wind blew him in from some distant land, he came like a ghost in the intimate space of DC9. One can't help but create mind movies as his Elvis-like vocals and rhythmic chaos are sent out like sonic disciples. I know I've said a lot without saying much at all, but in truth, Dirty Beaches is an experience that can only be understood by experiencing it. In other words, you needed to be there — but since you weren't, check out my BYT review of his show (click the image)... and feel welcome to comment!

[Photo via Stephanie Breijo/BYT]


BYT: Dirty Beaches (Interview)

Peep my interview with Alex Hungtai, the genius behind Dirty Beaches — if you haven't listened to his stuff yet, then get familiar! As always, click the image for the article, and leave love in the form of comments. He's playing DC9 tonight, and I can't wait — just trying to get over this cold first... no bueno.

BYT: Mary J Blige

Yup, DC finally got a Fillmore... and yup, R&B Diva Mary J Blige was there to ring in its arrival. She was pretty awesome, I gotta say the woman can sing circles around most, and her spirit on stage is truly genuine. Click the photo to check out my BYT review of her performance, and while you're there, feel welcome to comment — I love it when you comment, lol.

[Photo via Katherine Gaines/BYT]


BYT: Toro y Moi

So I got to see Toro y Moi (he played the Black Cat); it was pretty awesome. I wrote a review, because I had to (...yah, that rhyme was intentional). Anyway, peep my coverage; if you're feeling generous, leave a comment. As always, click the pic for the article.

...I'm having dinner hence the brevity of this post...
— and other reasons —

[Photo via Franz Mahr/BYT]


Photo: ...A Beautiful Mine

Jon Hamm & Catherine McNeil x Mario Testino
US Vogue Dec 2008

music: "A Beautiful Mine" (Mad Men Theme Song) — RJD2


Click here for the rest of the editorial...
it's pretty boring, but the styling is nice.


Fashion: Vogue Australia Oct 2011

Personally, I'm not a fan of Arizona Muse, but as her last name proclaims, she's been the model muse of 2011 since her breakout season back during the fw11 shows. Here she is on not one, not two, but three alternate covers for Australian Vogue's October issue. Photographed by Kai Z. Feng, styled by Naomi Smith, she looks extremely fresh with her hair slicked back, barely there makeup, and simple styling. I have to admit, despite her having only one look [she does this blank stare; it's her beauty that makes it work] she is growing on me. It began with her September 2011 cover for Vogue Korea (shot by Victor Demarchelier — yes, he's the son of Patrick) which made me begin to pay attention. With NYFW just around the corner, there's bound to be a new 'IT' model, so I'm not to worried about being tardy to the Arizona Party; but there's no denying how good she looks here. Preview her other covers after the jump.

[Images via Fashion Gone Rogue]


Video: The Gilded Crown

The Gilded Crown — Eva Marcille
directed by Walid Azami
music by Lissie (Everywhere I Go)
styled by Jennifer Austin

...that's all

Kanye... The Musical? Fair Suck of the Sav!

Apparently, a pair of Sydney University students put together a satirical story of Kanye West's rise to fame. As expected, it will feature his music, but will also include original scores. The director, Philip Rosser had this to say about his work:
“This is a story of a struggle against the man to become the man. It’s about a guy who took a shot at the throne and didn’t miss.”
I'm kinda bummed I don't live in Australia, or have the money to fly out, because this seems really cool — despite its ridiculousness — especially because it's a two-man show. They've established a Facebook event for it — there's more info for you to check out. Here's to hoping they post it on YouTube/Vevo/Vimeo.


Error in the MLK Memorial? This is Embarrassing

This Sunday is the dedication of the new Martin Luther King Jr Memorial here in DC — it's a really big deal considering the individual and because it's the first memorial to a Black person on the National Mall. A group of my aunts, cousins, and I went this past Wednesday to check it out; it was quite a sight, made me feel really proud inside. The site overlooks the Potomac river, and the set-up is very clean and sleek... it's beautiful really. I plan to go back at night at some point, it's even better then I've been told. Anyway, this isn't about that; I came across a Washington Post article by Rachel Manteuffel which makes light of a particular error in the monument. If you click the pic above to enlarge it, you'll notice a quote on the side that reads: “I was a drum major for justice, peace and righteousness.” This didn't really strike me as anything to furrow my brow over [see what I did there] but Manteuffel instead points out that MLK never actually said that, but rather something a lot more detailed; in turn a lot more humbled and profound. Click after the jump for my commentary, I suggest reading the article first though.


Video: Rusko Identity Festival... + Rihanna???

Rusko — IDENTITY Festival '11 — 8.19.11

So it would seem Rusko threw caution to the wind and gave fans at the Camden, NJ stop of the Identity Festival a taste of an (until now) unreleased track by Rihanna in which he obviously produced. The audio in this recording is so unbelievably clear — I'm pointing this out to say, there's no way you can't hear how this will be an amazing single for RiRi. She has already alluded to a future re-release of her album Loud with added tracks; similar to what she did with Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded. I can only hope there is new music coming from Rihanna soon — though I'll admit, there really is no rush; I still find myself grooving to A Girl Like Me, Music of the Sun, and Rated R.



Models: New Faces, Emma E. (Le Management)

Emma Estrup Løw, Strawberry Blonde, Green, 5′11.5″, Le Management
full name, hair, eyes, height, agency

[Images via MDC]

Music: "Thursday" - The Weeknd

1. Lonely Star
2. Life Of The Party
3. Thursday
4. The Zone (featuring Drake)
5. The Birds Part One
6. The Birds Part Two
7. Rolling Stone
8. Gone
9. Heaven Or Las Vegas

>> Download <<

I'm patiently waiting for this mixtape to download so I can give it a proper listening to... expect some form of commentary to be added later today. The Weeknd is the truth... fck what you heard.

eta: So I've gone through this mixtape up and down, back and forth, shuffled on repeat — it's definitely a step in the right direction for Abel Tesfaye, the man behind The Weeknd. Where is first mixtape House of Balloons sounded like a champaign chronic nightcap, his newest, Thursday, sounds like an acid trip (a depressing trip, not so much a let's rage kind of trip). The emotions of his first mixtape are still very much present here, but instead of pining for the woman, he's already had her and now doesn't know what to do with her. Young Money golden boy Drake makes an appearance on the track "The Zone" (pause; this song is oh so sexy... just have to put that out there), no big surprise considering how much he hypes The Weeknd. Drake vocally jumps rope in his verse, riding the music, adding a nice bow to the narrative built. What I like most about both HoB and Thursday is that they have such precise arrangements and such a mood where each song just sort of blends. Don't misunderstand, I'm not saying all of his songs sound the same, I'm saying the feel of the album is very cohesive — making it perfect for ambient music when placed on shuffle for hours at a time. This man is really trying to establish himself before making any major industry presence it would seem — HoB already garnered a lot of positive reviews, and Thursday is sure to do the same; but still he has a third mixtape on the way, Echoes of Silence. All I can say is, download and enjoy.


Video: Got 'Til It's Gone - Janet Jackson (ft. Q-Tip & Joni Mitchell)

This little gem from way back in '97 came across my screen via Tumblr and all I can say is #FantasticMan. The video is set in an apartheid South Africa (so late 60s early 70s) and features just so much Black excellence I can hardly contain myself. Reading up a bit on its accompanying wikipedia article, I've discovered the J Dilla connection, and his response remix [apparently he produced the song, but wasn't appropriately credited]. Check out that remix down below... that little play button, yah, that one. Enjoy the wonder that is Janet Jackson (not to mention Q-Tip and a very brief glimpse of Joni Mitchell), enjoy the production talent that is J Dilla in both tracks, and check out Alek Wek making a very subtle cameo as well.

"Got 'Til It's Gone" — The Ummah (Jay Dee's Revenge Remix)

Leaving with One New Idea... For the Better

"How can we humanize the gender roles so that young men are raised to understand that they have all human qualities? We've had the courage to raise our daughters more like our sons, but fewer of us have had the courage to raise our sons more like our daughters. Those so-called feminine qualities are only the qualities you need to raise children: empathy, patience, flexibility, compassion. They're present in every man just as they are in every woman." -Gloria Steinem [A 21st Century Feminism]

This is my Go-To quote for nearly every essay/paper I've had to write for my major within Women's Studies [between the two colleges I've attended] — it's so true, and it opens to an even deeper discussion about the socialization of children about gender. I was first introduced to this speech by Gloria Steinem during a Jan Term course entitled "Women and Madness: A Sociological Perspective of the Female Mind." I was so fortunate to hear her speak and to meet with her (that's my fellow P.Inc [Peace Incorporated] co-founders and I in the photo above). Ms. Steinem is without a doubt one of the wisest souls I've ever met. Her talks are discourses, instead of lectures, a tool which enables her to touch on controversial topics without alienating her diverse audiences. After the jump is an audio recording (it will auto-play) to the talk which originated this quote... in her words, 'leave with one new idea... for the better."

Transformers x Steven Meisel (W Magazine Sep 11)


Models: Linda Evangelista, Karen Elson, Guinevere van Seenus, Jamie Bochert, Raquel Zimmermann, Jessica Stam, Candice Huffine, Aymeline Valade, Fei Fei Sun

[Images via W Mag]


The September Issue[s] - My Favorites

It's that time of year again — Fall is just around the corner, and if you haven't already begun getting your closet in order, all of our favorite international publications are letting us know what's "IN" for the season. I've compiled a list of my favorite covers for your viewing pleasure... check them out after the jump.

*** I swear I'm not showing M+M favoritism ***