Photo: A Vogue Family Affair

In celebration of Japan's first ever Fashion's Night Out, all of the international Vogue editors came together for one photo — this is a pretty big deal considering this NEVER happens. It's no surprise here that the editors of the four main capitals of the fashion world are in the exact center, but what is surprising is the dowdy appearance of many of them (as if there wasn't a stylist on hand). Though she's not an editor, she's certainly the face of Vogue Nippon Japan... Anna Dello Russo's larger than life personality is sadly absent from this collection of faces.

eta: Greece and Brazil's editors Elena Makris and Daniela Falcão respectively are missing from this photo; Anna Harvey acts as a placeholder


From L to R: Yolanda Sacristan, Spain (seated); Kirstie Clements, Australia (middle); Anaita Adajania, India (back); Christiane Arp, Germany (seated); Angelica Cheung, China (standing); Franca Sozzani, Italy (seated); Mitsuko Watanabe, Japan (standing); Anna Wintour, U.S. (seated); Emmanuelle Alt, France (reclining); Alexandra Shulman, U.K. (seated); Victoria Davydova, Russia (standing); Anna Harvey, representing Brazil and Greece (seated); Seda Domanic, Turkey (seated); Myung Hee Lee, Korea (seated); Rosalie Huang, Taiwan (standing); Eva Hughes, Mexico and Latin America (standing), and Paula Mateus, Portugal (seated)

[Image via Vogue Japan]

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