Taylor Momsen for QVest magazine

Be sure to read the article that accompanies these amazing shots.

"Well, I don't work with a stylist. I pick out what I wear myself.
I feel that is important,
because I think real style is something that comes from within.
If someone else dictates what you are wearing,
then it's not something that really reflects you, is it?"



I need to get to NYC... ASAP

The title of this post doesn't relate to the above video at all, I know...
But I just felt I had to throw in that mental blip...
because quite frankly, I need to get out of this suburban hell...
I need to be stimulated, creatively and emotionally...
not to mention intellectually and visually...
Crossing my fingers for the future.




A friend of mine, my name-twin, is an aspiring photographer...

Check out his work.



The Cast of Gossip Girl at a People magazine photoshoot... and oldie, but a goodie.
PLUS. listen to Ed Westwick speak in his beautiful British accent at about the 1:51 mark.

I hope you all plan on watching Gossip Girl tonight at 8p on theCW.

"The Grandfather" is sure to be a drama filled episode... can't wait!!!



i have a problem...

How does one go through $250 in a 3 day period???

I now have $18.25

I need a job...
and a therapy circle.