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Frank - Amy Winehouse

Frank is such a great album, OMG. Back to Black was when I fell in love with Amy Winehouse; beyond 'F-ck Me Pumps', Frank was simply an EP. I know, I know; this album's been out for years (almost a decade ago if you want to be specific)... but I'm just getting into it. Thanks to a close friend of mine, I have seen the error of my ways, I have seen the light, I have been baptized by the sweet sounds of Frank. So, as this is a blog about things I find quite fascinating, I took the liberty [and the time, oh GOD the time, lol, not really] to post her entire album, courtesy of YouTube, lol... Enjoy!

Check it out after the jump...

[sidenote: Amy's new album is expected Jan 2011, and be on the lookout for Amy Winehouse and The Roots drummer ?uestlove's still unnamed super-group; don't believe me... click here]

Intro/Stronger Than Me

You Sent Me Flying/Cherry

Know You Now

F-ck Me Pumps

I Heard Love Is Blind

Moody's Mood For Love

(There Is) No Greater Love

In My Bed

Take The Box

October Song

What It Is About Men

Help Yourself

Amy Amy Amy/Outro


Mr Magic (Through The Smoke)

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