Hello, my name is Daje Barbour

Daje Barbour - Brown - Hazel - 186cm / 6'1 - Chicaco - Ford Models Chicago
full name, hair, eyes, height, hometown, agency

This one popped up on MDC's New Faces yesterday, and I can't help but be drawn to those AMAZING hazel eyes of his. His profile says he was scouted during a recent college orientation day; he's to be studying Information Technology... whoever scouted him needs a pat on the back, these good looks won't be wasted. His face is very editorial ready, his thin frame is very runway ready for the likes of Lanvin or Rick Owens. Hopefully he breaks out of the small confines of Chicago to enter the international markets, and soon. Daje is now on my radar; GOSH I LOVE THOSE EYES!

Check out more of his portfolio after the jump...

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  1. I shot the second picture. :)