Snapshot: Lindsay Lohan Does Complex

Lindsay Lohan x Complex
(Aug/Sep 2010)

It would appear that German GQ isn't the only mag fourtunate to have scored facetime with mademoiselle Lohan before all this media-blitz surrounding her prison sentence began. Complex's Aug/Sept issue collabed with KAWS to produce the graphic elements. The interview itself is really funny, LL doesn't hold back, and it's one of the more real interviews I've read from her in a while. Here's a ditty— (on KStew's recent Elle cover story where she says LL is "off the rails") "Because her joyless ass was cast in a bullshit tweengasm movie, and thus other people's lives ARE HER BUSINESS." [Ouch... her words, not mine, lol]

This being Lindsay, however, there were some hiccups in getting this piece together as Complex notes at the end of the story (words which echo the sentiments of many of us, her ride-or-die fans):
So here we are. As we go to press, it's late June—more than a month since we shot these pictures—and we still haven't gotten our interview. Emails have gone unanswered; the same for voicemails we left with her mom, Dina. The photographers' agent, who's known Lindsay for a long time, admitted to us that he hasn't had contact with her for weeks. When you don't have a publicist and your personal assistant resigns, it's a lot easier to disappear. Look, Lindsay: hard as this is to believe, we get it. And when you're up on the tightrope, and the wind is whipping around you, and the whole world is waiting—fucking salivating—for you to fall, shit can feel cold. What makes it worse is that you've been fucked by everyone you were supposed to trust, everyone who told you they cared about you and had your best interests in mind. It's you against the world right now; We'd disappear, too. But know this: whenever you're ready, we're ready. And we haven't given up on you. So yeah, world, we got that white girl. But don't think you, or anyone, are gonna get more than she gives you. Ever.
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[sidenote: click here for LL's GQ Germany cover/editorial/behind-the-scenes video]

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