Video: Daphne's Window

dir: Brennan Stasiewicz

For those unfamiliar to Daphne Guinness, her last name should be a hint — she's an heiress to the Guinness Brewing fortune, as well as an artist and fashion icon. The woman who bought up the entirety of Isabella Blow's collection of Alexander McQueen pieces upon her death, as to save it from being auctioned off to various parties, is one of my favorite individuals in fashion [crazy run-on sentence, I know]. Here, she is filmed by director Brennan Stasiewicz as she discusses her inspirations, her love of fashion, and her preparations for her recent installation in the windows of Barneys New York (remember, when she got ready for the Met Gala's Savage Beauty opening). What results is an intimate portrait of such an enigmatic individual in her natural habitat.

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