Video: Heartless Journey

Heartless Journey
dir: Jimmy Jenkins

Official Synopsis:
As we go back in time to the summer of 1952, join us and come along as Carter Jones embarks on a journey to find truth. As he encounters an old worn radio, an almost perfect merchant realizes all his imperfections through a woman’s broken heart. What happens to a man who inherits riches and fortune but history causes his inner man to be in turmoil? With his hometown on his shoulders, a man who can pretty much fix any material object faces something he never had to fix, a heart.

The trailer for this stage play came by way of Twitter, my friend (and fellow intern) Jada's twitter to be exact (she's the girl with the big hair, and the red skirt). I haven't been to Charles Herbert Flowers High School in years, but I am always in line to support those close to me... or in Jada's case, becoming close to me. Judging from the professionalism of this trailer, I'd suspect it'll be quite impressive for a group of high school/college students. I encourage you all to check out this play if you're in the area, and aren't too broke to spend $15-20 on a ticket (no shade, I too am quite broke at the moment) — if not for the love of theatre, at least because the trailer was shot, and styled, so exquisitely. Showtimes for Heartless Journey are as follow:
6/24 @ 7p; 6/25 @ 2p + 8p; 6/26 @ 3p — Purchase tix here.

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