News: A College Degree, and He's Only 15

Wisdom Martin reports:
Before 15-year-old Ty Hobson-Powell graduated from the University of Baltimore, his parents realized at an early age he had a gift for learning.

"At the age of three, I was learning how to read, write and speak Chinese. Went to elementary school, skipped two grades. [In] junior high school, that’s when my headmaster recognized my gift, allowed me to take some course work outside traditional settings," said Hobson-Powell.

From there, it was off to Montgomery College, then Howard University before transferring to the University of Baltimore. That meant a one-hour on the train every day, each way. (Fox 5 News)

Though I take issue with accelerated education, primarily because the child misses out on the fundamental life-experiences which help to eventually shape who they will become, this young man is seriously an inspiration. His thirst for knowledge is one we all could take note of – he has plans to continue on to law school, and then medical school after that. What makes me most proud of him, besides the accomplishments and his determination, is that he's a man of color. The news seems to maintain its focus only on the negative aspects of the Black community; it's refreshing to hear something positive for a change. Kudos to his parents for nurturing his desire to learn (not to be confused; his parents never forced his education, it's all him). You Go Boy!

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