Fashion: Bowties in Silk. Wool. Lace?

A while back I stumbled upon a post from a blog that I now follow, 00 o 00 blog — it was about bowties. I'm admittedly not a bowtie enthusiast, nor do I ever wear them, but this post caught my interest nonetheless. Unless incredibly thick in the head, you have probably already realized that it was about the above image. London's tie-making company Marwood prides themselves in "an exquisitely crafted range of ties and bow ties made with the finest fabrics such as woven silk, wool and traditional English Leavers lace." Prices range between £75-90 (so about $122-146) — a steep price to pay for a tie, yes. However, when you consider the craftsmanship and care taken into its construction; it seems a bit more negotiable. I have no such money at the moment, but these just make me want to transform into a Dandy for just a day. Below is a silly, but super creative, video lookbook from fw11.

[Photos via Marwood]

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