Snapshot: My Latest Obsession...

I'm taking the plunge and getting the iPad... my Macbook's been broken for about four months now, and rather than fool myself into thinking I can save money for a new one, I'm going for the cheaper option. A lot of criticism has been made on the little device that could, and I seek to push those doubts from my mind and have faith in Apple... self-diagnosed Mac-Head [points-to-self]. This will give my macbook problem a bit more time to resolve itself, and it will give me the satisfaction of simply having an iPad—I'm not ashamed to admit the cool-factor of the device is propelling me forward, lol. Anyway, more will be said once I get my device later on today, and after I've played around with it... so I forewarn you now, if you're definitively anti-iPad/Apple, you may wanna just get cozy with my archives until next week.

music: Google Government — M.I.A.

[sidenote: about the macbook, I'm getting a VGA cable for it; don't be confused, the iPad is not an appropriate alternative to an actual computer... more so an unnecessary luxury]

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