One Love Challenge: Week 9

The Challenge: Be a good samaritan, whatever that means for you; the love you give will most certainly return to you.

I appolgize for the lack of an update last week; I was under the weather... still kinda am, but it's getting better—slowly, lol.

School is just around the corner (Aug30) and I am beyond excited... it's going to be a new beginning for me; a new school, new school year, new people... new new new... anyways, I'm so ready to tackle my new environment; I hold my head high with confidence, and without a lot of the emotional BS that has plagued me up to this point. Can't say I'm mister nothing-anyone-says-bothers-me-I-am-so-confident-just-try-to-test-me, but I can say that I am a lot more sure of myself than when I was at the start of this summer... I've caught sight again of the thing that helped me to love myself and enjoy BEING myself throughout last school year.

With all of that said, having a heightened sense of self, and a positive one at that, as enabled me to start to open my eyes to the struggles and insecurities of others. Someone told me once (about insecurities) that while we are stressing over what others are thinking of us, they too are wondering the same for themselves. I've now taken to giving people compliments, a smile, a kind word, a token of appreciation, etc in lieu of giving myself negative criticism, doubting myself, and closing myself off to others. As I let the focus fall off of me, and onto other people, I'm noticing more and more the impact it has—not to mention, I've been accumulating karma points, lol. So this week, the challenge is to be a good samaritan, whatever that means for you; the love you give will most certainly return to you... it has for me, I'm loving myself more and more everyday, and finding joy in the life I lead.

"The happiness you feel is in direct proportion to the love you give." ~Oprah Winfrey

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