I'm Here (2010)

I'm Here (2010)
[dir. Spike Jonze]

Okay, I'm a sucker for pretty much anything indie and cutesy, but believe me when I say that even if you're a bit more discerning with your tastes, you will definitely enjoy this short film. Where the Wild Things Are was cute, but annoying, and unwatchable after that initial voyage, but I'm Here retains the same whimsy of the aforementioned, while blending in an ironically humanizing plot—ironic because the focus is on robot love. Click the link above to watch the short film, it's for sure one of those 'grab-a-bowl-of-popcorn-and-prepare-to-be-inundated-with-rosy-colored-images-and-a-crave-worthy-soundtrack' moments... Enjoy!

Check out deets on the soundtrack after the jump...

[sidenote: if the above trailer doesn't show up, either A) Forget about it and go straight to the film, or B) Continue after the cut, it'll be there waiting for you... the choice is yours Neo, lol]

Available Oct 5 via Chocolate Industries

01 The Lost Trees: "There Are Many of Us"
02 Gui Boratto: "Beautiful Life"
03 Sleigh Bells: "A/B Machines"
04 The Lost Trees: "The Past Is a Grotesque Animal"
05 Animal Collective: "Did You See the Words"
06 Girls: "Hellhole Ratrace"
07 Sam Spiegel: "There Are Many of Us" (Electric Dream Version)
08 Sam Spiegel: "Lonesome Robot Theme"
09 Aska Matsumiya: "Y.O.U."

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  1. im likin the movie i had to pause it to go somewhere but i wana know when girls plays on the soundtrack! cus you already know thats one of my favorite bands