Hipsters (2010)

Hipsters (2010)
[dir. Jacqueline]

Not much info is given about this film, or its director... what I do know is that it was created for NYU's TSOA Summer High School Filmmakers Workshop... so the best assumption would be that some high-schooler made it for their summer program. Whatever the origins, it's kinda comical to watch people bash on hipsters, yet, on the surface they themselves appear hipster. I'm going to attempt to read between the lines here, and say the director may have been aiming to point out how there is no such thing as a hipster, it's only a commercialized image of the 18-27 set, and that actually, this is just the style for young people, not some movemenst acken to the hippie or punk movement. If anything, young feminists and eco-heads are the new hippies, and that the audiophonic similarities between hippie and hipster are the only reason for such a misappropriation of social movement status. Or maybe this is all what I gathered from the film, and the director was simply making a film about Those F-cking Hipsters, lol.

[sidenote: as for myself, like the one chick in the video said, I don't think I'm really all that cool enough to be a hipster, but ionno, people may look at me and say that... but I've never gotten it, lol]

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