Video: I Know - Jay-Z (feat. Pharrell)

I Know - Jay-Z (feat. Pharrell)

This video is nothing new; it's actually a few years old now. Appearing on Jay-Z's American Gangster album, this song got a lot of play, but the video wasn't as popular; a shame considering my lady-crush Zoe Kravitz is the star. This remains in constant rotation on my iPod, and always get's me energized when I hear it; it's like my theme song. The song's meaning seems pretty out in the open; addiction is the topic of discussion, quitting is the problem, or is it? Feel free to disagree, or to educate me, but the literal translation I got. The more, think-on-it-for-a-bit-and-let-it-marinate is about trying to quit [blank] despite having been so dependent, comfortable, and secure with [blank]'s existence in your life. Is it odd that I find this song slightly empowering, despite its pessemistic tone. Back to the video, be sure to check out the visuals; director Philip Andelman's on screen metaphors for getting high are so beautiful. I told you before, I could talk forever about this song, and video, but I'll just let you watch, enjoy, and fall in love as I did, lol... so, press play.

[sidenote: As to clear up any confusion, Zoe plays four different
characters in the video, each experiencing their own type of 'high']

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