Snapshot: This Girl 'I Know'...

The girl in the photo above is one of the coolest people I never got the opportunity to really get to know. Her name is Hammah (according to her Facebook) but I have called her Hannah since the first day we met, lol. She's one of those people who's aura you can automatically feel, and her beautiful spirit radiates with positive energy. These may seem like over-the-top compliments, but it's true. I've wanted to post this photo for a while, but I couldn't think of an appropriate song, until now, lol. This is my anthem, it's my favorite song, and I could talk about it forever, but that's reserved for its own post. So, in short, Hannah, I miss you babe, and I am genuinely bummed we didn't really get to kick it before I left, but October is just around the corner, and I hope we get to dance together in the streets of San Francisco for LoveFest!

eta: I need to get back in school, because reading over this,
it sounds like
another middle school book report format post... eek

music: I Know - Jay-Z (feat. Pharell)

[photo via Evan Johnson //

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