One Love Callenge: Week 8

The Challenge: Live Your Life. 

When I started this blog, I intended it to be just a dumping grounds for whatever I felt sparked my interest... the only personal elements would be through commentary; I prefer to keep life business offline. These One Love Challenges, as I've stated before, reflect my own personal growth; they are the only glimpse into my personal life I'm willing to give, at least intentionally. I'm saying all this too say, I'm going to go against my self-disclosure rule, despite my better judgement, and fill you in on what's been going on.

I thought, or maybe still think, that I am in some sort of deep emotional place of being for one of my bestfriends. We've all been at a place like this at one time or another, or maybe not, whatever; the point is, feelings are something that can't be forced, they must be organic. You can imagine how I felt when these feelings weren't reciprocated; what you wouldn't be able to have predicted is my subsequent month or so of not wanting to believe it. So here we are, I look, and feel, like an idiot; it's been about a week since we last spoke. Before you go off thinking this is something dramatic, it's not; I just needed time, and space, which he was more than willing to provide... told you he was my bestfriend. Now onto the challenge... or rather, lesson that is the intended goal, lol.

The time I spent going over and over in my head, why he didn't feel the same, why I am feeling this way about him, what this or that look, statement, moment could have meant, were all moments I could have been living my life. Be it apart from, or with said person, I could have been enjoying myself a lot more than I already was. I'm not going to say life is too short, because life could very well be long too; time is relative. What I will say is, in life, we aren't guarenteed anything; our goals, dreams, loves, successes, friendships, family moments... none of it. Things like having a relationship (mind you I'm speaking for myself, so my examples will reflect such) don't need to take priority in our lives; there is time for that. Moments like spending time with family and friends, stepping confidently in the directions of our dreams, and focusing on what makes YOU happy, are what should be made priorities. Life will only wait for us for so long, if we don't take advantage of the opportunities life awards us with, then time will come in take those opportunities away. So Live Your Life, and don't sweat the small stuff... besides, things like love, come to those who wait... GOOD love that is, lol...

"One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure its worth watching." ~Unknown

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  1. Anonymous6.8.10

    You are very right. And you know i have been in a similar situation, only not lol. We need to just live and be happy. life is a flow, and we can choose to be a rock that doesn't move or we can go with it.

    be happy and call me when your not! I ♥ you Robb!