More Essence Magazine Controversy...

Michaela Angela Davis during a recent Anderson Cooper 360 interview

Former Essence fashion editor Michaela Angela Davis has fueled much of the criticism over the magazine's recent decision to hire a white woman as it's new lead fashion director. Davis' position was made clear online:
If there were balance in the industry; if we didn’t have a history of being ignored and disrespected; if more mainstream fashion media included people of color before the ONE magazine dedicated to black women ‘diversified’, it would feel different.
Above, she defends her statements in an interview with that Anderson Cooper—GOD he's Gorgeous—as well as present a new way of looking at the issue. Personally, I'm still conflicted over how to feel, but as of late, I'm feeling as if this is an argument that is losing legitimacy.[sidenote: check out what the folks over at Sociological Images have to say about this issue]

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