Snapshot: Ragazza Ribelle // Rebel Girl

Liya Kebede x Vogue Italia (Aug10)
[shot by Tom Munro; styled by Ludivine Poiblanc]

I'm not really wanting to hype this editorial, I'm more so posting this to highlight the fact that Liya reminds me so much of
Omahyra Mota, a face we haven't seen around in some time. Liya's a model that has been around the block a few times, and has paid her dues—she's a legit talent—I just don't have the same reaction to her form of tough androgyny. Omahrya, who you may remember most from the video for Jay-Z's Change Clothes, had an agressivness about her that I can't quite describe—Grace Jones and Gia Carangi had it—which is absent from this editorial. Liya comes off as pretending to be tough, her body looks good, but she comes off looking drag-in-prep...

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[pics via Fashion Gone Rogue]

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