Chalk (2010)

Chalk (2010)
[dir: Rivkah Gevinson]

This video, created by Tavi, from Style Rookie, and her sister Rivkah is just an adorable, and innocent way to start the morning. I really love this short film more so because of the quote, and it's embodiment of the quote which appears in the film: When girls grow up, they lose their childlike confidence and can never get it back. While this may sound defeatist at first, the film shows Tavi shrugging off the negativity, and in the end, realizing that there is positivity to be had; that she can retain her confidence and just have fun in being who she is. This lesson can be extended to guys as well, at least for me it applies. I find myself second-guessing myself, and taking criticism to heart far too often, instead of just loving the me that I am, and being the best me I can be. For Tavi to only be 13, going on 14, I admire her self-awareness, and her innocence...

If you're reading this Tavi Gevinson; never let anyone cause you to dim/lose your light... let it shine as bright as the sun, because there is always someone, somewhere, that needs that little extra light to guide them through the darkness... You rock little lady, lol.

[sidenote: Rivkah also has a blog titled Coffee Stains]

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