Snapshot: Jo Calderone // Stefani Germanotta

Jo Calderone... or is it Stefani Germanotta?

Recently, Nicola Formichetti posted pics of this unknown male model during a shoot for Japanese Men's Vogue, of which he is the fashion director. The model looks suspisciously similar to Stefani Germanotta, best known as Lady Gaga. It wouldn't be surprising if it was, considering Formichetti is the stylist to Our Lady of Gagalupe; however nothing has been confirmed. I, as a fan, would be extremely overjoyed to discover this to be Gaga; it would make a very bold statement by way of society's views on gender-conformity and transpolitics. For now, I'd like to believe it is indeed, the one and only, Gagaloo; and invite you to check out the other pics that have been released from the the shoot (after the jump) courtesy of Nick Knight and ShowStudio.com


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