Video: Baby I'm Yours - Breakbot

Baby I'm Yours - Breakbot

Newly introduced to Breakbot, I gotta say, I'm enamored with the frenchman's sound. It's a mix of funk and electronic music; I wanna get up and dance to this so bad. I can't quite pinpoint what other artists I can liken him to, but I guess that's a good thing, shows he's original. I will say however, if Justice and Stevie Wonder had audiophilic relations, their offspring would sound something like Breakbot.
[Hey! My ears, my hypothetical musical inception; don't judge, lol]

The guy's debut single, Baby I'm Yours is infectious, and here's the part that will really get you... its video was done entirely by hand. Let me clarify, approximately 2000 watercolor paintings were fashioned by artist Irina Dakava, just for this video. The result is a visual masterpiece of which I find, quite fascinating.

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