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Feelings Involved - Theophilus London

Last night, Brooklyn rapper Theophilus London was featured on IFC's Dinner With The Band. For those not familiar with Theophilus London, well, get familiar... for those in the dark about Dinner With The Band, well, it's essentially a cooking show where chef Sam Mason interviews a band/artist while he cooks for them. During the show, the band/artist gives a couple performances. Now that we're on the same page, Theophilus London performed his hits Julia and Humdrum Town.

Not shown on tv however were two additional performances, one for Cold Pillow, and the other for a previously unreleased, unrecorded track called Feelings Involved. The above clip is of that performance, and can I just say I'm in love with the high energy of it all, and hope to all bejeebus that it ends up on the album. Check it out above, and be sure to check out Theophilus London's blog which has been linked to above.

IFC's Dinner With The Band airs Tuesday nights at 10.30p with occassional repeats throughout the week. Oh, and before I forget, the show uses legit music for its soundtrack; last night's episode featured Junk Culture, Kenan Bell, Alan Wilkis, Ace Fadal, and a personal favorite, Major Lazer.

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