Smizing, BBQ Sauce, and Fame

Tyra Banks for NY Times Magazine

As much as I make fun of Tyra, she truly is an excellent role model for not only young girls, but young men as well [cause duh, I look up to her]. I remember seeing stills from this interview last year, but in a more comedic scope (making fun of Tyra smizing and making faces, that part of the video is hilarious). Seeing it now, in its entirety, it just adds to the positive image I have of her in my mind's eye. She is a hard-working, independent black woman who hasn't forgotten where she came from, and knows where she's going. Tyra is indeed an icon in the fashion world, despite not being as edgy or controversial as other models of the past and present, but she carved out a great niche for herself in the industry nonetheless. Because really, though none of the ANTM girls have really gone anywhere major, the influence her show has had on the American public in terms of introducing them to this world, and the world of modeling is not to be taken lightly. Enough of me praising Tyrannosaurus Banks, just watch the interview; and please forgive my incessant run-on sentences, it's summer, and I'm about to go crazy here at work... only one more hour to go.

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  1. "Sorry there's a hair in my eye...Let me get it out fiercely" lmfaooo