Magnificent Obsession

Magnificent Obsession - Vogue US, July 2010

For American Vogue, this is damn good. No offense to Anna, but this is the best they've turned out in quite a while. The model is styled beautifully; and I wish I knew who styled it, because they deserve brownie points. This is what a resort spread should look like, for an aspirational magazine such as Vogue at least. I also really love the story that it is telling. It begins romantically, and ends with the woman taking her kids away and creating a life for herself. Others may see the ending differently, but I'd like to think those involved set out with a pro-feminist message in mind.

The photo captions apparently tell a very different tale... no political messages here.
Apparently, Grace Coddington styled this shoot.

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[scans provided by noir_facade]

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