The Ed Banger Seven - ep(3-6)

The Ed Banger Seven - ep3

In honor and celebration of Ed Banger Records' seventh anniversary, the record label has teamed up with the sports brand Etnies to create a web-documentary. The web-doc follows it's most popular artists as they head to NYC to cause all kinds of mischief. Since this past thursday, there has been an episode-a-day released, and now it's time to play catch up, because I didn't realize episodes 3-6 were already released... so here's episode 3; and catch 4, 5, and 6 after the jump... and just in case the video doesn't appear above, rest assured it will show after the cut.

[sidenote: check out episodes One (The Storm) and Two (Food) in case you missed them]

The Ed Banger Seven - ep4

Sound Check

The Ed Banger Seven - ep5

The Ed Banger Seven - ep6

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