Will & Grace... saving lives one laugh at a time.

>> How Will & Grace (and Jack and Karen) Saved My Life <<

A friend of mine submitted a Op-Ed piece to Salon.com's "Saved by Pop Culture" open call and was highlighted on their site. His piece describes his personal journey towards self-discovery and self-acceptance through the scope of the former NBC sitcom Will & Grace. His natural charm and honesty drips from the words in this piece — an enjoyable glimpse into this man's struggle and triumphs. I know I'm talking his essay up a ton, but if you knew him in real life, you would be just as proud as I am. I've tumbled this in the past, but I came across it again today; it felt appropriate. The link to his article is up above... it will direct you to his blog. Oh, and as a side-note, Kaleb (the friend), is one who I would label #FantasticMan — jsyk.

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