Video: IT. IS. ON.

My only hope for this cycle is that these girls have learned something during their time away from the show about the industry; how very real [and unglamorous] being a working model can be. I'll try my best to reserve judgement until this premieres in the Fall; but I'd like to make it quite clear that I'm upset at the exclusion of that bi-racial butterfly Jade (she had much to say about that btw here and here). Check out a break-down of who's on this season after the jump... though it's no secret at this point.

Cycle 1: Shannon (runner-up)
Cycle 2: Camille (fifth place)
Cycle 4: Brittany (fourth place)
Cycle 5: Bre (third place)
Cycle 5: Lisa (sixth place)
Cycle 9: Bianca (fourth place)
Cycle 10: Dominique (fourth place)
Cycle 11: Isis (10th place)
Cycle 11: Sheena (sixth place)
Cycle 12: Allison (runner-up)
Cycle 13: Laura (runner-up)
Cycle 14: Angelea (fourth place)
Cycle 15: Kayla (fourth place)
Cycle 16: Alexandria (fourth place)

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