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It's been a while since I've updated, and I feel it necessary to explain where my focus is currently directed. Work has dominated my time, followed by my internship, followed by friends & family. Personally, I have been seriously exhausted by it all, but am very thankful to actually have a full schedule once again. As summer winds down, I'm getting back into school mode, blasting through what should have been my last year in university. Every year I adopt some new consciousness, I don't know why, my only explanation is self-imposed self-improvement... it's all about evolving people; staying stagnate is no fun. With that said, this fall is all about the "Fantastic Man" – he is very much pulled from the late 40s, early 60s. I've taken to simply hash-tagging media that speaks to this theme, so keep your eyes open for it (like the above image for example).

[Image via Jak & Jil]

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