Video: Black & White // Silence & Noise

Two men with exceptional tastes and amazing approaches to minimalism — Terence Koh is an artist in ever sense of the word, you've seen his work even if you aren't familiar with him. I admire his vow of silence, it really makes his StyleLikeU video that much more profound. I contrast that with Sonny Groo, a stylist and editor of Mykromag. I love his dedication to mixing high and low; he openly admits 80% of his closet comes from H&M. Though his style doesn't rest on only black, it does contain a certain weight where Koh's style feels very light. Both men have such effortlessness with their wardrobes, and an understanding that fashion doesn't have to be loud to make a statement. Placed side-to-side, there is a message of simplicity which has me super inspired... I need a fashion shower.

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