TV: Sex And The City... The Beginning

Rumor has it, or rather not so much rumor anymore, that Sarah Jessica Parker has agreed to help produce a SATC spin-off based off the Candace Bushnell book Summer in the City — a prequel to the original. While apparently there had been talks to produce a film version of the book, SJP apparently found tv to be a wiser route considering the less than favorable critiques of SATC2. The rumor part comes in with its casting; four young hollywood names have been tossed around more than a few times to play the four trailblazing women. Elizabeth Olsen (yes, that one) is to play Carrie Bradshaw, Blake Lively as Samantha Jones, Selena Gomez as Charlotte York, and Emma Roberts as Miranda Hobbes. While this seems like quite an interesting turn for the franchise, I'm puzzled by the arrangement — natural fan reaction, I feel as if I could have casted this better. I would shuffle these girls around a bit: Emma as Carrie, Elizabeth as Miranda, Blake is fine, swap Selena for Hailee Steinfeld (if only she was a tad bit older).

IDK, how do we feel?

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