Video: Beyonce - Roseland Ballroom - NYC

The most coveted concert tickets this year sold out in a matter of 22 seconds, you can imagine my frustration. Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, my Queen Diva Supreme, took the stage last night for the first show in her "Night of 4" residency at the Roseland Ballroom in NYC. Luckily there was footage of the opening night, and not poor footage either — so as I mourn my missing of such an amazing opportunity, you all can enjoy her performance after the jump. It's so funny to me how "hood" Bey's gotten since being married; she has such a different swagger now when she performs — don't get me wrong, no one's complaining over here. She goes in on "I Care" and "1+1"... all while sitting down mind you; in other words, she takes a major dookie on all of your favorites.

eta: unfortunately many of the videos have been removed from Youtube, but what I could scramble remains after the jump.

eta2: check out what Jay-Z had to say in a recent interview.

[audio clip courtesy of MartianLeaks]


"Rather Die Young"

"I Care"


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