BYT: Darwin Deez (Round Two)

I'm going to just out and say it, forgive my lapse in journalistic integrity but for Darwin Deez' second stint at DC's Black Cat, I didn't actually witness any of their performance. I, in not too many words, left early — well, okay, I was ejected. The first time I saw them, they were charming, albeit gimmicky; I'm confident not much had changed with their formula if the photos are any indication. I heard parts of the opener, Caged Animals, they were moody, very much in keeping with the emotions of summer; but nothing spectacular. Turning to Darwin Deez, if you're wondering how I was able to (for lack of a better word) BS an entire review, click the photo above for my imagining of what that night may have been had I not been review.

[Photo via Farrah Skeiky/BYT]

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