thanks are in order...

This past thursday, a friend and I went to the Richard Avedon
exhibit at the Corcoran Art Gallery in Northwest DC...
Richard Avedon was an exquisite fashion & political
photographer who's work made up this great exhibition.
Thank You Malcolm Peter for blogging about this...

(click the pic above for more info)


Also this past Thursday...
My bestfriend introduced me to Stumble Upon.
Ever wonder what it would be like to have online ADD?
Well, that's the best way I can explain Stumble Upon.
Just click the StumbleUpon logo on you toolbar,
and be blasted to some random website...
The sites you will discover are ridiculous...
So, Thanks Steven for introducing me to this!!!

[link-->] Stumble Upon for Firefox [<--link]
[link-->] Stumble Upon For Safari [<--link]

p.s. Malcolm & Steven both have blogs...


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  1. Haha! When you get distracted for hours on end when you legit need to get something done, you will hate me for introducing you to stumbleupon... I have to deactivate the toolbar if ever I need to get something done. X_x