time for the big reveal...

My Dorm Room
that is totally better than Joilyn's.

[click images to enlarge them]



  1. Dude I love your records and how they're framed and arranged and crap. Your room looks so much home-y than mine does. But that's cool. Dane (my roommate) and I are so cool that it doesn't even matter that we have cinderblocks and you have real walls. And I love that your snack foods are nothing but ramen and goldfish.

  2. not to mention the hundreds of redbull & water in the fridge that u cant see... xD

  3. I really like it!
    I love the albums on the walls.
    What is on the wall BTW? It's like tweed looking stuff; wallpaper?
    Whatever it is I like it. It adds warmth and texture that the standard white wall doesn't give.
    Love the desk! It's like the same desk I have. You can see the difference between you and your roomie by just looking at the decour lol.
    Also, the window is really nice. Is that a newer dorm? or maybe newly renovated because the closet door looks old.
    YAY dorm!
    I have to take pictures of mine now that we're good and settled in, there's some new stuff.